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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hemantkhanna97 9 / 10

Wazir- First learn to learn things!!

I have waited for many days for this movie to release.. I have also been hearing about this film when it was just written on a paper by Vinod Chopra. and since the i day saw the trailer.It was so gripping with Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar playing some serious roles in it. and yes!! Farhan Akhtar cant do anything wrong..he proved this again!! i saw the movie today with very controlled expectations because 2015 was the year of disappointments like Roy and all.. The movie started in a very first shot.. sudden characters introduced..the screenplay,bringing forward the characters and adorable performances by Akhtar and Sir Bachchan.. Amitabh is still one of the most power pack performers in India. 90 minutes of the movie never disappointed me because of the twisted twist in the end!! Surely the movie,as Vidhu Vinod Chopra said earlier that The plot revolves around the rules of the chess..sacrifices,assassinations,authorities and loyalty were its ingredients.. May be Indian audience isn't still prepared for these kind of sharp stories(and i don't expect they will be) Movies like Dilwale and Prdp are regarded as good movies.. and i see no chances Indian Audience gonna improve their perspective for the movies that deserves appreciation and by the way i also have twist in the end for you readers...i.e the title of this review is for Masala movie lovers :) thank you :)

Reviewed by lopamudrax 9 / 10

i lost but in the end i won

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Vishakha Gupta 9 / 10

A thriller made better with the performances; a must-watch!

Cut, Dry, Crisp, to the point without any loose threads. The languidness of the moment that comes in is to establish the undercurrent of the raw palpable emotions.Will come to the portrayals later - first lets get to the technical aspects of the film. The screenplay is tightly wound like the straps of the wheelchair and it lets go off the thread at the perfect moment and doesn't falter or is never loose preventing the viewer to fall. The camera is from our view point. The background music is the pounding of our heart and we are entrenched in completely. The songs are the soul of the film. The editing is as sharp as that of sushi maestro's knife and why wouldn't it be when the story is the maestro's himself. Who better to know how to tighten the strings.Now to the portrayals. What can one say of the ever evolving AB. He has not only reinvented himself but has proved Darwin's law. Every film he showcases a new facet. He is truly the pawn of the chessboard who with every step he is taking in the board of acting has retaken his position as king again and again. FA has the right amount of restraint and is a delight to see and cherish.Yes I did get the plot midway of the film but the checkmate that I was dealt was that of the alter ego of the true Wazir. Thanks for the checkmate. Truly I have lost on the twist but I am glad that I won seeing the movie

Reviewed by abhijaybahati 9 / 10

Watch it for excellent acting by Amitabh and the twist at the end

Had been waiting for this release ever since I watched the first trailer. It was a pleasure watching Farhan in his role as an ATS officer; he did full justice to it. Big B's performance too was mind-blowing as usual. The supporting actors too made the plot more gripping with their convincing performances. Due to my love for literature, I personally thoroughly enjoyed the chess metaphors used in the movie; unlike others, it wasn't just a pointless thriller. Despite some little flaws here and there, I absolutely loved the movie. My first movie of the year was totally worth it and I really hope Bollywood doesn't disappoint the viewers with mindless drama in the days to follow. Cheers to a new year ahead!

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