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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by averyls 9 / 10

A cute, colorful, funny and heartwarming adventure you will definitely enjoy!

At first I had pretty low expectations for this film because of its first teaser, but then the first full length trailer made me look forward to it, and now that I've seen it, I have to say, you will enjoy this once you see it. It's very vibrant and filled with colour, which makes for a bright and exciting time, the trolls themselves are all really cute and colorful, and they are usually really funny in a situation and they are always positive and full of hope. It has a very well thought storyline, even if it does sound a bit generic at first, but it feels new and so fresh and original when you see it. And there is a lot of signing and dancing, and a lot of musical cues, and the songs really do get to you, as they are very catchy. And at times this film is very heartwarming, and a bit emotional at places, but that's sort of what you'd expect from a film like this. So overall, definitely see this one, as it is a cute, colorful, funny and heartwarming adventure that the whole family will enjoy!

Reviewed by Guy Jeffries 9 / 10

Incredibly cute with a delightful soundtrack

Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell, the guys behind some of the Shrek franchise, bring Thomas Dan's iconic, legendary "Good Luck Trolls" to life. The plastic figurines with vibrant, up-combed hair. In 2010, DreamWorks Animation announced they were going to make a feature length movie and then eventually bought the brand outright back in 2013. All the trolls party happily in the sanctuary of the woods, far away from the miserable, troll- eating Bergens, who twenty years previously had attempted to feast on the go-lucky trolls to bring them happiness. However, the trolls' loud partying puts a spotlight on their camp resulting in few being captured ensuring a daring, rescue mission. Anna Kendrick who's a movie star that can sing superbly, already known for her vocal talents in Into The Woods and Pitch Perfect, plays Poppy, the over-positive, highly-excitable and super- enthusiastic Troll princess that enjoys loud parties, dancing, singing, hugging and scrapbooking, leads the rescue party with the reluctant, over-paranoid, highly-negative and super-gloomy Troll, Branch. Branch, played by Superstar singer-come-actor Justin Timberlake. You think you know a voice until the see the credits of an animated movie as it's surprising to hear the all-star cast including Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand, James Cordon, Gwen Stefani and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. All giving great voice performances that capture each characters personality. On top of the vivid, ultra-colourful animation, there's the catchy soundtrack that comes with it. Being a musical it's packed with recognisable yet fresh songs that gives a contagious vibe like no other. The songs hit home each time, whether it be for comic effect, emotional sadness or joyful, feel-goodness. My God-Daughter was dancing away at the end and no-one was immune to a little bopping. There's a good moral story behind Trolls, involving the pursuit of happiness which is at times, a little sad and touching , but also uplifting and encouraging at the same time, it's especially tearful when you see some characters come out in their true colours. I actually can't stop listening to some of the soundtrack. It's not all out funny but the lack of comic value is balanced out with incredible cuteness and rapid interjections of silly, lovable characters. It's creative, original and wholly refreshing that's a colourful delight to watch. Never being an owner of a troll, but I actually want one now. Running Time: 9 The Cast: 8 Performance: 9 Direction: 9 Story: 8 Script: 7 Creativity: 10 Soundtrack: 10 Job Description: 8 The Extra Bonus Points: 10 just for True Colors and the rest of the soundtrack. Would I buy the Bluray?: Yes. 88% 9/10

Reviewed by staceyfaye-55628 9 / 10

I am so HAPPY now I've seen Trolls

I just loved it, and the kids just loved it too! My boys (4 and 2) watched with smiles on their faces and even bopped along to the soundtrack which just spills over with happy, uplifting songs. All of which are sung beautifully. The story has a real moral without it being overpowering or boring for the kids. We can all learn something from these adorable little dudes, and of course Briget, the Bergen who dares to believe in happiness!It's fun, glittery, happy and full of singing, dancing, love, big rainbow hair, and just general joy.If you don't love it, you need to look harder for your happiness, it's in us all somewhere y'know ????

Reviewed by jonathanthejellybean 9 / 10

A film that knows itself and it's audience scarily well

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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