Till We Meet Again


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lwfjohns 9 / 10

And what drugs were they taking when this got such great reviews?

I have to ask myself what drugs were people taking when this movie was given such great reviews? I mean, if this were an 8th grade movie project then maybe, just maybe this would be a 6 at best. Frankly, I would avoid this movie at all costs. It could be 45 minutes shorter and still the viewer would be left bored. Slow moving, a pretty shallow plot, a travel movie to support tourism in Thailand, two wooden actors who look like they are two anorexics in search of acting classes and there you have the basics of this movie that took about 102 minutes out of my life that I will never get back. I would highly recommend this movie as one to ignore and go watch something else with a plot, some meaningful dialogue, and two main characters who actually can portray some moods other than angry or depressed.

Reviewed by patrikgallager 9 / 10

Ultra realistic travel drama

I very much agree with the critic's review regarding 'Til We Meet Again.It's a well-written peace of art that does not write me on the nose. I could relate to all characters that are written and directed in such an ultra realistic way. It made me dream myself away and enjoy being abroad for 103 minutes.Also not the stereotypical happy love drama that I expected, the fact that these films showcase a break up rather than a meeting made me love it!Please stay with it all the way through and you'll be sure to love it as much as I did! It rings true all the way and the characters that gets introduced half way in brings that main characters to life more when we see a growing change in them!

Reviewed by elinsfm 9 / 10

Run, run faster than ever before

You should have stopped reading at the title of my comment. Leave this page and never again look back on this movie, I watched it because of the great rating that this movie has gotten. MAJOR MISTAKE. This was one of the most boring and slow paced movies I've ever watched. This movie has made me a more boring person. It's changed me in ways I cold not explain, run my friends run. Never look back.

Reviewed by lin teagh ([email protected]) 9 / 10

A beautiful portrayals of two lovers break up

Till We Meet Again surprised me in many ways, the raw indie feel was more than I expected with a title that resembled something I thought would be a cheesy love drama. This film is much more real than most top tier cast dramas out there and brought more emotions and depth than most films I've seen 2016. Although great reviews I'm surprised this film has not gained more recognition.A most see if you ask me. Especially you love films like Blue Valentine or Weekend! I also enjoyed that the films take place in New York and Thailand. It gives a little extra value. I'm puzzled by the filmmakers and producers capacity to afford shooting on two continents on 130K.Very well put together and a beautifully written story with many great scenes! Watch all the way to the end though it starts off a bit slow at first.

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