The Ottoman Lieutenant


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by magbroalican 9 / 10

This is proper art

The actors and director and script team done well. Unlikely below evil- minded Armenian friends' comments, the movie tells us much about historical realities. Besides, keep in mind that movies are just movies. We do not need to see art as a part of political conflicts. I liked the acting and screenplay. The script is satisfying.

Reviewed by umtylmze 9 / 10


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by berkincelik88 9 / 10

Really good historical drama with love story.

I believe the ongoing dispute over "Meds Yeghern" should not taken to be central to criticize the movie. It's documented in history that armed political organizations such as "Ta?naksutyan" (which had members among "?ttihat-Terakki", quite ironically) became rebellious during the WWI. The deportation and unfortunate results during that can be considered as Ottoman Government's response with unintended consequences against this Armenian nationalists back then. This law has had recoils for the young Republic of Turkey till end of 20th century, too (the assassinations of ambassadors by ASALA). Therefore the movie's attitude to distant itself from political dispute seems reasonable.Even though the plot's being centralized a love story and a dilemma between the loyalty for home and the love/sexual desire for the eccentric is quite generic, but it's best audience attraction mechanism at hand. Still the movie can be enjoyed as a pavement stone to tell the war stories from non-European/non-American parts of the world and for the sake of Haluk Bilginer who shows tremendous acting performance whenever he plays.Last but not least, the animation of ?stanbul in 1910's is what I can't wait to see in the movie. And the sublimity of the Ottoman capital that is lost after the rapid urbanization starting with the municipal administration of Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, current president of TR.

Reviewed by mert-ercetin 9 / 10

Rather than over-politicizing the movie, it is also possible to enjoy a story of the east front of WWI

This is very nice movie and really i'm very happy to watch it. Scenario is historical based and casting is perfect. Even you can't understand how your time will go so fast... Additionally that movie is throw light on a piece of near past and you are easily understanding that Armenians are telling lie about 1915 events between Armenians and Turks... Armenians has killed too many Turks during the war and Turks has just defended themselves, so at the and Turks has won that fight... Anyway, when you watch that movie, you will see what kind of things really happened and how Armenians are telling lie... Have nice watch,

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