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Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
Donald Sutherland as Harry McKenna
Ben Foster as Steve McKenna
Tony Goldwyn as Dean
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Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Not sure I like this one

I am one of the original Jason Statham fans. I loved the Transporter, Crank and his collaborations with Guy Ritchie like Revolver and even tolerated some of his less glorious efforts such as Death Race.For me what makes his movies so enjoyable is the tongue in cheek humour and the likable side of the tough guy. We all know he's not a great actor but the lovable rogue is his trademark and that's why we keep going back for more."The Mechanic" is about a ruthless hit man and it gives Statham no opportunity to smile or engage in banter, nor make us laugh. It's a non- stop action film with a few goofs and a script with holes big enough to drive a bus through. Normally I would forgive and forget, because I like him, but he didn't make me laugh nor make me wish I could be like him this time. There were no characters to like in this film, but there was plenty of action which makes it instantly forgettable. I know you want to read the movie was great but I wouldn't be honest if I pretended it was. Worth watching but don't expect another Transporter.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Good Enough For a Late Night Flick

I just got back from seeing a late night showing of The Mechanic. After having a long week, this film did exactly what I wanted it to do...entertain me. Was the plot original? No. Was the acting amazing? No. But... Was the action good? Yes. Was Jason Stathham in it? Yes. Can you ask for anything else in an action film these days? It didn't label itself as a milestone of cinematic achievement. It was marketed as an action film, with good death scenes, mildly intriguing characters, and a simple plot and it delivered exactly on cue. Go see this if you just want to see some good action stars kick-butt for a couple of hours. 6/10

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

An all around entertaining action-thriller.

I am in no way familiar with the original Charles Bronson film The Mechanic from 1972, but that may have actually been a benefit with a film like this. This remake does seem to be targeted toward my demographic though. The Mechanic caters to those who enjoy hard-hitting action films with a lot of blood that spews more vulgarities than you care to keep track of with a fair chance of nudity along the way. Truth be told, if done right those types of films can be massively entertaining and The Mechanic definitely falls into the "done right" category.Jason Statham really seems to be hit or miss when it comes to how entertaining his films are and lately his work just hasn't been all that satisfying. The Expendables left a really sour taste in my mouth, so I wasn't sure how The Mechanic would turn out. However, this film was actually able to put Statham back in top form since it was able to deliver a pretty great story to compliment Statham's bone crunching fight sequences he's become notorious for. Despite the fact that the dialogue is filled with F-bombs left and right, it fit the overall tone of the film very well. Ben Foster wasn't disappointing either. Foster is one of those incredible talents in his early thirties that most people seem to overlook as having endless potential. As far as his performance in The Mechanic, it isn't quite as powerful as he was in The Messenger but seems to be more similar to his role in Hostage yet refined a bit to leave his true motives questionable.Donald Sutherland also makes the most of his short time on screen. He has two scenes with Jason Statham where he makes two fairly long speeches that seem to stick with you long after his character is gone. That's how short-lived characters in films like this should be; memorable.The one thing the film falls victim to is the shaky camera during fight and chase scenes. It works most of the time and isn't hard to follow, but there were two scenes involving Jason Statham's character where it was hard to distinguish everything that was being shown because of this technique. It's just when two guys are in a scuffle and they're throwing fists or hurling their legs at their opponent, the camera whipping back and forth at the same time doesn't really help matters. Now some guy's dead, another falls to the ground after we hear a snap, and another is clutching his stomach even though we only saw the main character move twice. The technique gets confusing and either needs to be modified somehow or dropped altogether for something new.The Mechanic is actually really entertaining and is very much the definition of a guy film. It's packed to the brim with explosions, bloody headshots, broken limbs, and even a hefty and destructive car chase sequence. The film is worth seeing for Ben Foster's performance, but it's nice to see Jason Statham in a film that isn't disappointing for once. Overall, The Mechanic is dark, gritty, bloody, and just a hell of a lot of fun.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Could you possibly make less sense?

A typical Statham movie, like the Transporter but with a higher dose of brutality and nastiness. Statham's character Arthur Bishop, a.k.a the Mechanic, is awesomely tough and cold-blooded, and the assassination plans and escapes are brilliant. But images like that of an old man getting shot in the chest (near the beginning) are hard to shake. Ben Foster is great as the jaded alcoholic who becomes the apprentice assassin. It's not clear where he learnt to take on a 350 pound killer with his bare hands, but like he says, "I've seen some s***." All the men in black suits and SUVs who try to protect their clients are equally impressive, and ineffectual. What use are dark glasses and handguns against killers who can climb buildings? Bishop has his hideaway out on the Bayou where he enjoys the finer things in life, like playing the soft classical music that soothes him after a killing, and rebuilding his Jaguar. (And his idea of rebuilding involves micrometres as much as wrenches.) He's got an arrangement with a woman that involves quick visits and wads of cash left on the table. His friend Harry tells him that he (Bishop) needs companionship, but the movie makes it pretty plain why his friendships don't last long. After the intense action sequences you may be saying cool, but does this guy have a soul? If so, it's well hidden under Statham's half-shaved, snarled-lip mug.

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