The Man with the Iron Heart


Action  Biography  Thriller  War  


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Rosamund Pike as Lina Heydrich
Jason Clarke as Reinhard Heydrich
Mia Wasikowska as Anna Novak
Jack O'Connell as Jan Kubis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dromasca 9 / 10

solid war drama

Watched this movie at a sneak preview last night, and I enjoyed it!The assassination of Obergruppenfuhrer of the SS Reinhard Heydrich is a story worth telling. Several movies did (in some way); Operation Daybreak (1975), Lidice (2011) and the more recently released Anthropoid (2016). HHhH chose a slightly different angle, in twofold. The first part of the movie centers around Heydrich and his rise to power. The second part focuses on his assassination, told from the viewpoint of the Czech resistance, Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis in particular. The first part is slow, prioritizing character development. The second part is faster, making it a completely different (and original!) movie.I read some negative reviews complaining about the two movies in one structure. I understand, it feels a little unsatisfied and rushed at times. Rosamund Pikes character as Heydrichs wife is not used to its full potential in my opinion, and some details are left out of the story (Kubis did not actually commit suicide but was fatally wounded and died in the hospital, not only Gabcik but they both shot at Heydrich in the car?etc). Nevertheless, I found in highly entertaining, informative and original. And the casting of Stephen Graham as Himmler is beyond scary.Well worth a watch! Makes you at least want to know more about this very interesting story when you leave the theater.One more thing, we should stop comparing present day Nazi characters in movies with the representation of Ralph Fiennes' Amon Goeth in Schindler's List. It just unfair :)

Reviewed by petr-varak 9 / 10

Incoherent WWII drama - if you watched Anthropoid, you can skip this one.

This movie feels like someone shot two separate movies - one being Heydrich's biography, second being action thriller about his assassination - cut the run time of each one to half and merged them together. The first half follows Reinhard Heydrich on his rise to power, orchestrated by his wife Lina. It's not exactly a thrilling spectacle, but both Jason Clarke and Rosamunde Pike deliver solid performances (although Clarke is far from the brilliance of Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's list). The problem is that the story line seems absurdly rushed, many important events are left out or shown through short collages with voice-over and music playing and it just feels incomplete. I would love to see a full 2 hours long Heydrich's biography that would dig deeper into Heydrich's relationship with his wife, his rise to power and his work and status in the Nazi regime.Unfortunately, after one hour of this rushed biography, the movie almost completely abandons Heydrich and his wife (both have literally minutes of screen time in the second half, most of it together) and shifts focus to Czechoslovak paratroopers in Prague. Since then, it feels like Jimenez just took the movie Anthropoid (2016), cast new actors, re-shot the movie shot by shot and cut out half of the scenes. If you have seen Anthropoid, you can skip the second half in its entirety and you won't miss anything. The fact that Jack O'Connel and Jack Reynor look alike to the point it's easy to confuse their actions doesn't help either. The only upside of the second half is Mia Wasikovska who does much better job than Ana Geislerova in Anthropoid. HHhH (or The Man with the Iron Heart) is not a bad movie per se, it's just oddly structured, rushed and given the existence of Anthropoid, feels a bit redundant.

Reviewed by GUENOT PHILIPPE ([email protected]) 9 / 10

The Nazi fiddle player

This story of the Reinhard Heydrich assassination is well known of all WW2 historians and people interested in this part of history. I am surprised that Cédric Gimenez did it. Unlike the other movies speaking of this scheme, such as Lewis Gilbert's OPERATION DAYBREAK with Anton Diffring as Heydrich, or Fritz Lang's film, or Douglas Sirk's one, this feature focuses mainly on the Prague Hangman in the first part and the partisans characters in the second part. It is very well done, with a good description of characters. But it is unfortunately not said that this action of killing Heydrich did not change anything at all to the war. Nothing, except that the Nazis were very affected by his death, including Hitler, and this lead to the Lidice's massacre, which is told, however. But besides this, the man who replaced Heydrich - Kaltenbrunner - was even more bloodthirsty as him.

Reviewed by phd_travel 9 / 10

Worth watching even if you have seen the story before

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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