The Little Hours


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Alison Brie as Alessandra
Nick Offerman as Lord Bruno
Aubrey Plaza as Fernanda
Dave Franco as Massetto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by photobcnas 9 / 10

New cult film added to the list.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. Great cast! The chemistry is so good, definitely a new comedy classic. The pace is perfect and keep me laughing throughout the whole movie. Great location and a beautiful treatment. I would love to see more stuff like this in the future.

Reviewed by gomeza-57174 9 / 10

Not Everyone's Cup of Tea- But Great If It Is!

I was able to see the Little Hours at Sundance and loved it. I will be going to see it again when it has its official release. This film is very loosely based on the Decameron by Baccaccio, a collection of 100 short stories written in the mid 1300's. With an amazing cast of comedy talent, great chemistry between all the cast members, spectacular cinematography of the Italian countryside, and a great score, it is something unique to behold. The story centers around three bored, foul-mouthed nuns Alessandra (Brie), Fernanda (Plaza), and Genevra (Micucci) and their crazy antics. Early on in the film, Massetto (Franco) finds refuge in the convent as a deaf-mute and sparks some some hilarious and sexy interactions with the nuns. After the first screening I noticed there were others that loved it, and many who were like "What the hell did I just watch? This is one of those movies that is not for everyone, and the cast and director made sure people knew this. Everyone seemed to have had a hell of a lot of fun making it- and it (really) shows in the interactions in the film. If you're not easily offended, love quirky, raunchy humor, and love to have a good time, then this film may be for you.

Reviewed by Ross 9 / 10

Odd, but it worked for me!

That kind of fails...However, there is a great cast and a clever premise with some nice twists and turns, but it still ends up disappointingly unfunny and ungripping.This is very subjective and I know you shouldn't judge a comedy just on how many lols it provokes, but it should be mentioned that in the theater there were no significant laughs.The casting is great in every way (Allison Brie, Kate Micucci, John C. Reilley and really everyone). And its a very funny idea to see people like Aubrey Plaza and Fred Armison playing Medieval nuns and priests, but they just didn't capitalize on it.The tone of dialogue is meant to be irreverent and modern, which it was, but somehow it just didn't jive or contrast with the setting in a way that worked. And it wasn't very funny. The style of the dialogue was kind of an experiment (having them speak in completely modern inflection with no effort to make them sound like they are from another time period), and it failed. It was a little too heavy handed, or too lazy. They should have taken a cue from Woody Allen's comedic period piece "Love and Death" which plays with a lot with different tones of dialogue (Woody Allen's character himself always being the neurotic modern voice). But doing that would require something which this film has little of: subtlety.And then all the inspirational music at the end like we're watching a totally different kind of movie. A bit confused.Like many period pieces, this film tells more about the period in which it was made (our time), than it does about the period in the film (the middle ages). One projects oneself onto the object in view and what you seem to be ridiculing is actually yourself. So this film is filled with an angst, malaise, and boredom that is very modern, very millennial. America has been projecting its ideals onto the whole world for a long time, just as Hollywood projects our modern mentality onto every epoch it deals with. Its very very hard for people to actually have empathy for cultures they don't know or understand and its very hard for modern people to have any grip on what life was actually like in previous ages. We only seem to project our own obsessions onto everything.And this is fine b/c this is a farce and no one really goes to the movies looking for an actual history lesson, but unfortunately that's where we seem to get so many of our lessons (and unconsciously form our opinions).Much of this is just ranting and besides the point. Great cast, funny premise, but completely misses the mark.

Reviewed by jdesando 9 / 10

The nuns are cute as hell.

My extensive experience with nuns in grammar school taught me that their sexual repression as it affected us was a life-long gift leaving us to search for the goodness of sex and the secrets of females. Jeff Baena's The Little hours confirms what we always suspected: The younger nuns and postulants actually had firm breasts and world-class hormones.Handyman Masseto (Dave Franco) hides in a convent in 1347 medieval Italy as a deaf mute (no doubt the way some women consider men anyway). Malaspina Castle would remind you of the iconic castle in Monty Python and The Holy Grail, and their English vernacular evokes the abandon of Mel Brooks' several satires. While the young nuns explore their interest in the forbidden, especially sex of several kinds, the jokes are weak by comparison with Python, Brooks, and even Boccaccio's Decameron, on which this film is loosely based.Not just the randy nuns and handyman violate the Church's dictates against freewheeling sex, the venerable overseer, Father Tomasso (John C. Reilly), is carrying on with an older nun while listening to the salacious details of the younger nuns' sins in confession. Reilly is always competent displaying a simple man's wonder at the underbelly of the world.In grammar school a nun shouted me out for holding a girl's hand, calling me a "dirty thing." I had more laughs over that kerfuffle than during The Little Hours, where laughs are in limited supply while the parody of sanctimonious medieval religiosity is mildly rich. But not rich enough to eclipse the wit of Python and Brooks."I did 12 years with nuns, you know. So I came out of it going, like, 'I think Jesus is all right.' The rest of it I think stinks to the high heavens." Denis Leary

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