The Limehouse Golem


Horror  Thriller  


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Olivia Cooke as n Lizzie Creenn
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María Valverde as n Aveline Ortegann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 9 / 10

hard to recommend to an adult

I decided to see this on the strength of the trailer - Victorian murder mysteries being one of my favourites - and also the fact that Bill Nighy was starring. Bill and I went to the same school together in the 60's and were taught by the same English teacher who inspired Bill to go into acting (at which he has proved immensely successful) and myself into writing (not so much so!). Nighy has done some great films over the years but, sadly, this is not one of them. The fault lies not with the characterisation of Inspector Kildare but with the gore fest of a film he has to wade through. Maybe I'm getting long in the tooth but at a certificate 15 I was not expecting such gruesome blood letting which seemed to substitute for a cohesive plot which, considering the enormous holes to be found, was possibly intended to divert the audience. The mystery of whodunnit is entangled with a confused subliminal message of cross- dressing and homo/lesbian tendencies which did nothing to advance the story or make it any more viable. The scene in which Segeant Flood holds the hand of Inspector Kildare towards the end of the film was so unlikely that it just made me laugh. There was a good film to be made from a good book but this is not it.

Reviewed by colinsjones 9 / 10

The craft of film making at it's very best

I really loved this film. Right from the beginning, the music hall feel of the unfolding drama was very engaging. Intelligent editing and the fabulous script kept the pace of the plot at a rate which held my interest from start to finish as each twist and turn was revealed. John Kildare (Bill Nighy) was the methodical, steady influence which balanced the emotional excesses of the other characters. He only showed emotion when confronted with the inevitability of the fate of the intelligent and articulate Lizzie Cree (Olivia Cooke). The film used dramatic devices to great effect, showing several characters actually committing the awful crimes as each became suspect. The interleaving of the music hall version of the Lizzie Cree story with the live action which somehow heightened the suspense by making you smile thus relieving tension. The sets were a total joy, completely recreating Victorian environments in very convincing fine detail. The cast were superb, totally plausible and very engaging. Don't miss this fabulous film, the craft of film making at it's very best.

Reviewed by postmortem-books 9 / 10

Nighy shines in poor blood-fest flick.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by roger.armstrong 9 / 10

If you liked Dickensian on TV...............................

It is London Limehouse quarter 1880 and a gruesome series of horrible murders has the city in a frenzy.This was for me one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year and a most see. I am just back from the cinema and i feel a tinge of let down, perhaps i was expecting too much, always a problem. I won't spoil it for anyone but this is as everyone must know a detective story set in pre Ripper London's mean streets that are full of poverty deprivation and depravity of every kind. Hunting the mad killer is Inspector John Kildare played rather woodenly to my mind by Bill Nighly who has none of the dynamo energy and razor sharp intellect of Sherlock Holmes in stead he has a world weary realism with rather to much laconic facial expressions to go along with the one note vocal delivery.Thank fully the film has a good pace and uses a series of plot devices to work through the suspects and keep the viewer watching to the barn storming grand finale.The tone is highly melodramatic but suits the subject very well. And so i will return to view the movie again very soon to see if Bill Nighy rendering of Inspector Kildare will resonate with me, rather better the second time around.

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