The Light Between Oceans


Drama  Romance  


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Alicia Vikander as Isabel Graysmark
Rachel Weisz as Hannah Roennfeldt
Michael Fassbender as Tom Sherbourne
Bryan Brown as Septimus Potts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Ferguson ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Baby in a boat

Greetings again from the darkness. As the closing credits rolled, it seemed incredulous that Kleenex was neither a sponsor or even mentioned in the "special thanks". Surely a tissue company was behind such a straightforward cinematic sob-fest (calling this a tear-jerker doesn't do it justice).Director Derek Cianfrance is accustomed to wallowing in movie sadness. His 2010 gem Blue Valentine was an expose into a fractured and challenging relationship. This time he tackles the M.L, Stedman novel and slows the pace to an excruciatingly slow crawl.Michael Fassbender plays Tom, a tormented WWI veteran so intent on isolating himself from society and people that he accepts a job as the lighthouse keeper in some desolate area of Australia. The locals in the small town of Stanley in Tasmania welcome Tom and provide him a festive send-off. One of these locals is Isabel (Alicia Vikander) who, despite grieving for her brothers killed in the war, takes an instant liking to the handsome and mysterious Tom.Soon enough Tom and Isabel are married and living a blissful life on the isolated rock. Emotional turmoil and tragedies follow as Isabel suffers numerous miscarriages. It's then that the movie takes a wild turn. Rather than a message in a bottle, Tom and Isabel find a baby in a boat. Yep, unable to bear their own, the sea delivers a baby to their ocean front home.Tom can't help but notice that Isabel's depression instantly disappears as she cares for the baby, and in the blink of a misplaced eye, the three become a family. Of course, it wouldn't be much of a movie if the baby's birth mother wasn't discovered, so Rachel Weisz as Hannah brings her own tragic story and mourning to the façade of Tom and Isabel's make-believe happiness. What follows is a look at loyalty to spouse versus doing the right thing ? a dilemma that isn't as easy as it should be.The lighthouse and surrounding coastline are extremely photogenic, as is the town and, of course, Fassbender and Vikander (both deliver excellent performances). It's also nice to see Aussie screen veterans Jack Thompson (Breaker Morant, 1980) and Bryan Brown (Cocktail), even in small roles. It's a purposefully sad and gut-wrenching movie that evidently moves so slowly to ensure the viewers have sufficient time to utilize those Kleenex.

Reviewed by mannacio-124-682011 9 / 10


Overly long movie that seems even longer than it is. Mawkish sentimentality prevails in this bit of treacle. Excellent photography and a fairly good score cannot save this film from itself. The women are so self-possessed it is hard for them to generate much sympathy from the audience. Editing as also quite weak and obtrusive. One must wonder if there was a story-board of any kind.The morality play might even have left some viewers with questions about their own motivations if it had ended earlier. As it is, the movie falls flat. I would definitely not have gone to see it if I had known.Be warned, this is a waste of time.

Reviewed by sunraider 9 / 10

Dull and Formulaic

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Clayton Davis ([email protected]) 9 / 10

'The Light Between Oceans' has class but falters the message of love

I decided to see this movie after reading a synopsis and review of the best-selling novel on which it's based. Unfortunately, what may work in a novel doesn't always translate well to screen, which seems to be the case here as this film was incredibly dull. Because the movie progresses chronologically, there's nothing that grabs you at the onset. It isn't until 45 minutes into the film that the main plot point is finally introduced. The movie opened with a dull, uninteresting scene of the main character being interviewed for a job as lighthouse keeper on a remote, desolate island, and ends pretty much the same way. The director could have generated more interest if he'd opened with a more powerful and intriguing scene and used flashbacks to fill in some of the backstory. The real mother reading the letter telling her the baby is alive, the sailor keying in on the unique baby rattle, or even the wife discovering the dinghy while on a lonely walk along the beach all would have been more interesting ways to open this film. The first 45 minutes could have been cut and you really wouldn't have missed anything. Sadly, the wind-swept island is the most interesting character in this otherwise plodding movie.

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