The Good Dinosaur


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beng5435 9 / 10

Not Up to Pixar's Best, But Still a Good Film

If you are looking for another Inside Out, Wall-E, Up, or Toy Story, than you will be surely disappointed. If you come into this movie with your expectations tempered, however, you will have an enjoyable experience at the theater. The characters are not as deep as in previous Pixar movies, but they are still are easy to get behind and root for. Despite the basic characters, there were multiple scenes in this movie where I was nearly moved to tears. Many of the side characters are pretty interesting as well, and seem like perhaps they should have gotten more screen time. The plot doesn't run very deep and perhaps follows more traditional movie tropes than it should, but these didn't deteriorate from my enjoyment from the film. The film itself is remarkably beautiful and one of the most spectacular animated films I've ever seen. The landscapes are breathtaking and some scenes look realistic enough to be a Planet Earth episode. I didn't see this movie in 3D, but I am sure it would be worth the upgrade. Negative reviewers were probably expecting a Best Picture nominee kind of film. This is not that film, but it is quite a good one nonetheless. 7/10

Reviewed by Carsten Langrock 9 / 10

What happened?

Someone please tell me that this isn't a Pixar movie. Can it really be that the same company that gave us Inside Out not too long ago, the best animated movie I have ever seen, produces an utterly forgettable movie such as this? I cannot even recommend watching this on Netflix. Absolutely horrible story line, too scary for smaller kids (6 years and under), violence, and strong language ("I'll end you!"). Really? Where are the lovable side characters that make a movie enjoyable, where are the twists in the plot? There's nothing new in this movie, just a rehashing of old ideas stolen from gems like Finding Nemo. My 6-year-old daughter complained about there not being enough dinosaurs in the movie and that it wasn't very interesting. Pixar, do you hear that? A 6-year-old figured this out.Save your time and money, go buy a copy of Inside Out.

Reviewed by christian-larson 9 / 10

Better than expected

The Good Dinosaur is Pixars second feature film, that is about a dinosaur that gets separated from its family and meets this kid that will guide him home. The Good Dinosaur is really not Pixars best movie, but it is really a really good story. However, the plot is kind of used already and you can predict what is going to happen. But is the beautiful scenery and characters that really makes this movie shine. The background is utterly fantastic, every single thing looks real and beautiful. The character Arlo, starts kind of weak but in time, he evolves into a real dinosaur. The kid named spot helps the protagonist interact with something, but Spot also has a backstory and he explains it in a heartbreaking way in a beach. There is also a scene where the T-rex's need to get to a herd, and it really is not that interesting and kind of derail the movie. But the part the dinosaurs wanted to tell Arlo, is that fear is necessary to see what really are you made of, but they tell it in such a rushed way, the message is really not clear. Also the first 15-20 min. are really not interesting but later it picks right up with Spot and Arlo and we get a really great story in between the bond they share. The Good Dinosaur is not nearly as good as Inside Out, but its really a good story and some really memorable characters. 8.5/10

Reviewed by josiahliljequist 9 / 10

The Boring Dinosaur

I came into this movie with tempered expectations (thinking it would be the B-grade pixar movie this year.) I still walked out of the theater disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the animation is gorgeous and the visuals are possibly the best we've seen in an animated movie. But I don't go to watch a movie to see how realistic the scenery is, I want to watch a movie that's funny, heartfelt, and has those favorite characters we're all used to loving from pixar. To me, this movie had none of those things. Sure there were a few funny moments, but nothing that would elicit more than a few chuckles. And even though this movie tried (and I mean really tried) to have an emotional element to the story, I don't think you get to know the characters enough to even care about what happens to them. And then, perhaps the biggest weakness of all, there are only two characters that are in the majority of the movie (and only one character that actually talks) and not enough side characters to keep it interesting. This is a movie that I just wouldn't be interested in watching again and that, I fear, is the biggest criticism of all.

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