The Ghoul


Drama  Thriller  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - certified fresh 76%
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Paul Kaye as Tommy Parnell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 9 / 10

A Mind Bender

A homicide detective (Tom Meeten) goes undercover as a patient to investigate a psychotherapist he believes is linked to a strange double murder. As his therapy sessions continue the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur.Fro the get-go, Waen Shepherd's score is reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti; interestingly, Catherine Bray thinks the film is "scary in the manner of David Lynch films, with the chills coming from a nightmarish repurposing of the mundane or suburban", so perhaps the score is intentional.The plot is defined as a cinematic Möbius strip by writer/director Gareth Tunley. This almost gives too much away, but at the same time is really at the heart of the film. The most interesting scene is the one where the various objects in the doctor's office are described: the mobius strip, the infinity snake, and so on... we are made quite aware of how important this is.Let's look at the critics. Gareth Jones praises the film, with his only concern being that "it can occasionally find itself bogged down by its overly melancholy presentation and measured pacing". Bray compares the film favorably to Lynch's "Lost Highway", though she has concerns that the film "isn't the midnight horror romp its title may suggest", and this may cause it to connect poorly with audience expectations.Stephen Dalton "feels a little too slight and cryptic to make any serious headway with mainstream genre fans... never quite delivers on its mind-bending promise." Yet, "Tunley confirms his mastery of macabre moods here. Now he needs a bigger budget and a broader canvas." Peter Bradshaw may be the harshest critic, saying the movie "feels like a film-school project" that is "heartsinkingly pointless" and "takes us on a journey to nowhere." Not only is Bradshaw the most harsh, but the most off-base. While he may not be wrong, strictly speaking, the "pointlessness" is precisely the point!

Reviewed by chris-77887 9 / 10

Intelligent with brilliant script.

The Ghoul is not a horror. It's a highly engaging thriller, I saw at a Q&A screening in London. The story is in some ways reminiscent of Memento and Fight Club, but is completely it's own and highly original.It's about the inner psyche of a paranoid unemployed amateur detective in London who's trying to figure out his own life and his increasingly mysterious hallucinations. When he begins spying on his therapist, he meets another patient, who appears to have severe delusions, and he becomes convinced the therapist is embroiled in an elaborate conspiracy against him.Brilliantly written script, brings into the psyche of the main character while keeping you on the edge of your seat right up until the end. With some really incredible acting, The Ghoul is a highly engaging and satisfying film, despite the incredibly tiny budget it was clearly shot on. Brilliant and thought provoking.

Reviewed by hipCRANK 9 / 10


Best pay close attention here, as not all is as it seems.Twisty movies can be god fun, but as is the case with "The Ghoul", they can be quite unsettling. What starts out as a standard police drama slowly melts into an endless, dark, psychological journey, where everything is gradually turned upside down.Not an easy watch, this: a dreamy, hallucinatory, moebius strip thriller with an agonizing performance from the spiralling lead (the excellent Tom Meeton). Filmed in dark, bleak confines, "The Ghoul" works, not inspite of it's micro budget, but because of it - relying on claustrophobic interaction from the players.Fans of linear cinema need not apply, but those wishing for a jarring, thought-provoking experience will be rewarded.

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