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Reviewed by jsharma 9 / 10

caring love

The Big Sick directed by Michael Showalter is about we the people. Are we supposed to be nice to someone because they are someone or because they are sick with a common ailment ...small sick or sick because they are in a medically induced coma or stuck in cultural differences... big sick? Kumail , a stand up comedian, first generation PakistaniAmerican has a very pleasant demeanor and attracts attention of Emily (Zoë Kazan)during one of his shows. Kumail's family wants him to get married to a girl with similar religious and cultural background. Kumail keeps his relationships to himself. But after he and Emily split, Emily is now big sick. The awkwardness of being with Emily's parents is very nicely handled. Ray Romano is very convincing as a caring father and also as someone who needs to be nice to ex-boyfriend of his daughter who was not nice to her and now has his own interests. Kumail is very sensitive to Emily's mom and her personality. I am surprised Judd Apatow opted to produce movie and not direct it himself. Script is simple and natural. I enjoyed the movie and Kumail Nanjiani did very well.

Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 9 / 10

a drama with some very funny moments, and one that is overflowing with truth

At the heart of The Big Sick, which is the story of how Kumail Nanjani met his wife Emily Gordon (no, really, he's basically playing himself, or at least what would see a true version of himself, and Zoe Kazan is Emily - both Nanjani and Gordon wrote the script) and how they had their ups and downs, though the down majorly was when Emily was life-threateningly sick, is this question: what does the truth mean to you? This is a brutally, surprisingly honest movie about honesty, not only in relationships with a significant other (though that's certainly a major part of this), but also with ourselves. One may be tempted to say Kumail's family are the antagonists of the story. This might be true if one is trying to parse out this or that or the other with the characters, but this is over-simplification. They are an obstacle for Kumail, but really his biggest enemy is himself, how he views what his family has put on him, what his own culture has done to his mind, and at the same time reconciling with being a modern American given all the relative opportunities everyone else has. And it is at heart a love story, but what is likable and appealing is that Nanjani and Gordon cleverly make sure that the attention isn't all gone from having another love story being depicted, that of Emily's parents and their own struggle after so many years of marriage and during a stressful time.But, of course, this stressful time isn't the only part of why their marriage is frayed (you learn more as it goes on in little bits, and it's important only for character learning/growing sake, so I dare mention it here); Holly Hunter and Ray Romano are the parents, and for the first time ever, by the way, Romano is *affable* and fun on screen. This is my own bias as I wasn't a fan of his sitcom, but more to the point I didn't get his appeal as a star or an actor or any kind of comic presence. Here I actually do as he's playing a guy who is like how one pictures a lot of dads, stumbling over some words in the presence of the guy his daughter's dating (that he's of middle-eastern descent brings up an awkward conversation at the hospital cafeteria that rolls into the biggest laugh of the movie, by the way), but he feels as real as the mother does, and the vulnerability he's in - doing things like writing down as much as he can, every medical term, when the doctors describe what's going on with their daughter - is so thick you couldn't suck it through a straw. He's so good here as is Hunter, as is everyone really, including all of Nanjani's family.It can be difficult to depict a relationship on film, any relationship, due sometimes to what the genre of a romantic comedy or a romantic drama puts on screenwriters. Nanjani seemed to have his back covered by Apatow as there's not a shred of any of that false BS that comes sometimes into the genre. The main conflict that actually breaks up Kumail and Emily isn't contrived. (Emily by the way as played by Kazan is that lovable girl you might recall from Ruby Sparks, but *very* different here from that, except for the slightly quirky/upbeat persona). As a nitpick, it could be said Kumail's method of how he holds on to these girls his mother tries to set him up with that he refuses, all in a box on his dresser, is the one note that isn't believable, but I can actually buy that it sort of folds into how he is still unsure what to do with so many, many options at his feet (there's even one woman, later in the film, that, at another time or place, could've been the match, but he turns her down in one of those terribly uncomfortable scenes that rings true and is hard to watch).How can Kumail reconcile this? I felt such empathy for him in this situation even as I had not gone through anything quite like what he went through, since there is still a universality that is felt through expectations from others. How does one stand up for oneself? Is it always so easy? Nanjani is a stand up comic in real life as he is in the film, and stand up at its most prime-cut is about the person on stage making honest connections and, sometimes, opening oneself so that that connection can be made purer (and, often, the laughs much more fulfilling). It's not that Kumail is at all weak as a stand-up when he talks about cheese or things, but it's when he gets his breakthrough about two-thirds of the way in, as he just breaks down on stage and, technically speaking "bombs", that he hits that spot of connection. If he can stand up as a stand-up, so to speak, then he can at least try to move on to the harder stuff, the message might be.Or, as I originally stated, The Big Sick, a movie filled with funny and truly heart-wrenching moments and characters that all feel richly developed (even the parents and Kumail's brother, who kind of are types deep down, but nevertheless given wonderful personality by the actors playing them), it's all about the truth and how it sometimes just isn't easy, at all. It may be slightly mis-marketed as a romantic comedy though; it has romance and comedy, but at the same time the drama overwhelms and takes over that. It's not a classifiable movie except that, well, it's a Judd Apatow production - sharp, brutally honest writing, and a few s*** and d*** jokes here and there (and here less than usual). It's one of his best and a triumphant calling card for Nanjani as a leading man. 9.5/10

Reviewed by blackcadillacs5 9 / 10

Dark Comedy (think Little Miss Sunshine or 50/50) but funnier

Best Judd Apatow flick, if you liked Superbad and 40yr old Virgin, laugh out loud moments (non-cheesy)then you will like this film. Funniest movie I've seen this year. You won't regret it unless you are a racist bigot then obviously save your breath and time. Otherwise, go check it out, it's magnificent, we saw the Bigger Sick with 10 min bonus stand up to an empty theater (wtf people, it's amazing).

Reviewed by bliss_s 9 / 10

So much more than a "romantic comedy"

Romance, cultural conflict, betrayal, compassion, and redemption. All neatly wrapped within the context of a comedic memoir. Michael Sholwater did a superb job directing and the writing collaboration between Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani gave the audience a wonderfully intimate sense of how the warmth, power, and growth of a couple relationship can expand and strengthen the bonds of family.No story or movie becomes great without a superb cast. Again Kumail Nanjiani proved his versatility with an amazingly strong performance (in my opinion award winning). And this movie was not a one man show, Zoe Kazan gave just the right energy to her role, Holly Hunter should get an Academy Award for best supporting actress for hers, Ray Romano was excellent as were Zenobia Shroff and Anupam Kher. This was the best movie I've seen in a very long time and just may be the best romantic comedy I've ever seen.

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