The 5th Wave


Action  Adventure  Sci-Fi  Thriller  


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Chloë Grace Moretz as Cassie Sullivan
Nick Robinson as Ben Parish / Zombie
Liev Schreiber as Colonel Vosch
Maika Monroe as Ringer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by noeloc-71878 9 / 10

WARNING : This Movie is for soppy girls aged 11 to triangles, boys washing their pecs etc. abound

Wow! That was complete and utter rubbish. Can we please have it listed under genres as Teen Romance / Brain Rot and not under the genre Sci-fi, Action, Adventure as it is listed above. Are teenagers these days all goldfish???, is this not the same plot as Twilight, Divergence etc only replace vampires etc. with Aliens?. I love my apocalyptic movies and after the first 20 minutes I thought it wasn't going so bad... decent special effects, seeing what each "wave" was going to do and I was looking forward to seeing "the others", but alas that was it for the movie after that it was like opening a teen magazine while jamming a skewer up my nose in to my brain.I must say I did get a few laughs at the many clichés I called before they happened followed by my swift exit to save my brain from rotting by the absurd stupidity of it all. If you are not a girl aged 11 to 15 avoid this movie like you would avoid the plague

Reviewed by QinetiQ 9 / 10

Pretty bad and boring

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by zee026 9 / 10

Third class - formula movie

I don't understand how this is getting any good ratings, I guess people who benefit from it are the ones giving those ratings.There is nothing interesting about this movie, the story is very flat and everything is predictable. It is filled with illogical decisions and the alien race, who is intelligent enough to come here and rule on landing, has no clue what to do and how to do anything efficiently.The so called waves are a fun given fact but make little sense. If if an alien race would go with that, I am sure they could come up with a more efficient 'wave' than to just infiltrate the human race. Their drones seem to be having no use at all, other than flying from point A to B. If an alien race has such technology and are in such dire need for living space, I don't think they will go with such a slow and pretty stupid method. They were already observing the earth for decades (if not longer) so I am sure wave 3 could have been a lot more efficient.Even setting all that aside, the movie is just one cliché event after another. It's one of those movies you go watch if you have really, really nothing else to do.

Reviewed by albereinstein 9 / 10

I'm so glad I didn't have to buy a ticket for this one.

What a third class movie. Made on the Same formula as the likes of divergent, maze runner and lots of others... Was hoping to see some alien vs human action. But Nooo the producer had to ruin my expectations... The viewers are forced to see the same crap, sexually confused really innocent know nothing teens. Who have just all the right of knowledge when needed to fight soldiers and know how on shooting all kind of possible guns... The lead actress, Ohhh she is a sight to see, if you are blind and don't know what emotions are... I think she could have been better playing an alien... That would be more believe able... Again what a brain fryer... Good going director. I could make better film in my sleep then this... Just one request to the rating dept. They should introduce a rating for Formula movies too. So that we have warning before ruining my brain cells... What a waste of time...

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