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Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Gardner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikenontonmulu 9 / 10

What a cute and adorable movie!

Watching this movie in the earlier parts, I could not help to feel that the funny scenes were a little bit forced, but as the movie continues, the funny scenes becoming more and more fluid. The funny moments became more natural. And since the baby girl was "produced", the movie became much more alive. I think the star of the movie was really the baby. The animation of this baby was soooo cute and adorable that you would really want to hug and play with the baby.You would also be enjoying the very colorful scenes and the funny moments during the chase by the wolves. Those were some of the most enjoyable moments. But the moment that I laughed the hardest was during the scene involving penguins (and the fork). It was priceless!I also loved that the trailer shown many times in the theaters was only showing some brief introduction about Storks and baby making machine. This helped us to be enjoying the movie without knowing there were so many plots inside this one. For parents who want to bring their children to watch this, I believe they would be able to enjoy it. For teenagers & adults, this movie would also be enjoyable to watch. However, please do not expect logic or the making sense of the story of Storks delivering babies. If you can only enjoy movie when logic is very much a great factor, then I do not think this movie is right for you. If you are looking for some fun and good laughter, then you can definitely watch this one!By the way, this movie was produced by Warner Bros Animation Group (WAG) which also produced The Lego Movie. Hence, it was not a surprise to see there was a short funny animated Lego movie of a Chinese Kung Fu Master and a chicken before the start of the movie. I guess WAG also wanted to follow the success of such pattern used by Disney, Pixar and even Illuminati (remember those cute minions in The Secret Life of Pets ?). It did give us a nice thing to enjoy before the start of the actual movie. So when you already bought the tickets for this film, please make sure you are not late to be able to watch this short fun movie.please read my full review in

Reviewed by tomholland2016 9 / 10

A decent enjoyable flick!

First thing of all, this is the kind of a movie that's surely not for everyone and it doesn't really give that stereotype where children will absolutely have fun watching it. The storyline follows a group of storks engineers a vast industry relating to delivering babies to their respective families. Things go south when the living storks are tired by umpteenth of accidents occurring on arriving the destination that eventually turns into an industry of selling goods. With the help of an unknown boy, an unintentional event takes place for re-living back the old era of the storks.The plot is fairly decent, and it does give much time for the character to develop but it takes too many spaces in their limited duration of the movie. It drags the movie at certain parts that we won't be needing to see. Despite all of this, there are a few sequences that do take place abruptly, leading to many inevitable questions. Children that are trying to learn and understand stories may get confused with 'em. The pacing is half the chance being good and bad, people will judge in their own way. As for me, it starts to get bad after 40 minutes in.The humor here is enjoyable, but it can get cringe-worthy sometimes. Basically, the script is telling the characters to force the jokes from themselves.As far as I can tell, there are moments in the movie that trigger your mind if this movie is really worth spending your money for. The motion images are tolerable, it's totally not as bad as Norm In The North and totally not as good as Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV. The moral values here are worth it but it does not contain as much as you have seen in Inside Out or Toy Story. A major example that can be taken is to give love to each member of your family without regarding career or any other things.The best time to watch this movie is when you're having a daytime off with your family on a Sunday afternoon. Overall, it is an enjoyable flick and to my point of view, it deserves 5 out of 10.

Reviewed by Dave McClain ([email protected]) 9 / 10

"Storks" is everything most Movie Fans want from an animated family film.

"You had to be there!" Have you ever said that while retelling a funny story which seems to be losing something in the explanation? Well, that's how I feel writing this review. There are so many moments in the animated family film "Storks" (PG, 1:29) that I want to explain examples of how entertaining this movie is, but I don't think mere words can do it justice. Consider the following: Birds often fly into glass, wolves travel and work together in packs and babies are irresistible. These ordinary-sounding facts become great sight gags in the hands of "Storks" directors Nicholas Stoller (who also wrote the script) and Doug Sweetland (in his feature film directorial debut). I could explain the scenes in question, but my descriptions would never be the same as being there and seeing all this play out yourself. You probably also know that penguins go to great lengths to protect their young, bored employees do strange things to entertain themselves at work and adults will do almost anything to make sure a sleeping baby stays asleep. (Funny stuff! Trust me!) Oh, and (of course) storks deliver human babies to their waiting families.Correction: Storks USED TO deliver babies. A stork honcho named Hunter (voiced by Kelsey Grammar) stopped the legendary practice eighteen years ago, deciding that there was more profit in having his feathered employees deliver packages. (Picture Amazon using drones with beaks.) Now, Hunter supervises the business, and his best delivery stork is a hot young employee called Junior (Andy Samberg), who has just completed his one millionth delivery. Hunter is about to become president of the company and he plans to pass the responsibilities of the company's daily operations to Junior. This blows Junior's mind (which we see play out literally), but Hunter has one condition before he makes the promotion official. Junior has to fire Tulip (Katie Crown), the sole human who works there.Firing an employee whose hair-brained ideas create more problems than they solve seems a small price to pay to become the boss, but little in this movie comes easy for Junior ? or goes according to plan. Tulip is a strange, but sweet young lady who became stranded on Stork Mountain when the address to which she was to be delivered was accidentally lost by a stork named Jasper (Danny Trejo). Tulip, the last baby made at the facility, was stuck living there and it's the only home she's ever known. Taking pity on her, instead of firing her, Junior puts Tulip in charge of the (unbeknownst to her) defunct mailroom. She's excited about her "promotion", but soon finds it necessary to keep herself entertained in the large empty room by talking to herself (actually, having conversations with herself, while adopting different personas)? until one day that a letter actually shows up in the mailroom? the old fashioned way! A young boy named Nate Gardner (Anton Starkman), whose workaholic real estate agent parents (Ty Burrell and Jennifer Aniston) practically ignore him, writes to the storks requesting a baby brother ("with mad ninja skills"). The conscientious Tulip, trying to figure out where she's supposed to take that letter, accidentally puts it in the dormant baby-making machine, which fires right up and creates a baby! In a panic, Junior sets out to deliver the infant before Hunter finds out what happened, but an injured wing forces him to depend on Tulip to help him complete his mission. On their journey, they start to bond with the little one, but that's just the beginning of the complications for this odd couple. They soon run afoul of a couple of wolves (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele) who lead a very team-oriented, resourceful and persistent pack. A employee, of the pigeon persuasion (Stephen Kramer Glickman), starts to figure out what is going on and threatens to ruin everything for Junior. (The character, Pigeon Toady, is written and performed to be annoying, and is so effective, he risks annoying the audience at times.) Meanwhile, Nate gets his parents to help him build a landing pad for the storks on their roof. It's a true bonding and emotionally rejuvenating experience for the Gardner family? and Nate's parents can't bring themselves to tell him that storks don't even deliver babies anymore."Storks" is everything most Movie Fans want from an animated family film. It's original, clever, funny, adorable, wonderfully animated and voiced, and is likely to please kids as well as adults, no matter how long ago the stork delivered them. Actually, there's so much going on in this movie, some of it may be lost on younger kids, but there's nevertheless still plenty for them to enjoy. This movie rarely hits a sour note, but its appeal is hard to describe. You just gotta be there! "A"

Reviewed by datautisticgamer-74853 9 / 10

An okay WB delivery

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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