Star Wars: The Force Awakens


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sonofhades ([email protected]) 9 / 10

It is not a sequel, but a remake

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by pipbison 9 / 10

The Manipulation Power of Nostalgia and Mass Appeal

Sad but true. When the opening credits filled the screen (Episode VII... blah blah) I was already grinding my teeth because the plot sounded idiotic. Then the huge star destroyer filled the screen. The fun bit is that the star destroyer had some sort of antenna or whatever at the front and it looked liked the ship was showing the middle finger towards the viewers. I have to congratulate the film makers as that was pretty much how the film worked from that point forward. 1) A droid has important information that must be delivered to the good guys (Episode IV, anyone?)2) so the bad guys hunt for the droid on a desert planet (IV) 3) Storm troopers raid a village, killing everyone (IV) 4) A girl is captured by the bad guys and the good guys rush to the base to the rescue. (IV) 5) The girl and the boy have a friend zone relationship through the film (Ep IV, Luke & Leia, wouldn't be surprised to learn that they are siblings in Episode IX) 6) The stormtroopers, elite soldiers of the bad guys, still can't hit a barn door. On the other hand, the good guys always hit, even when they use a weapon for the first time in their life 7) Supreme Leader Snoke = Emperor with a silly name 8) The bad guys have a magnificent new weapon that can destroy planets (Ep IV) 9) They use it to destroy a planet loyal to the rebels (IV) 10) The weapon has shields that can be destroyed by going down on the planet and disabling the shield generator (VI) 11) The epic villain wears a mask that distorts his voice (IV) and sadly, looks better with the mask on than without it.12) The good guys can only destroy the weapon with an attack by X-Wings on the exact target (IV) 13) The X-Wings have to fly in a tight trench in order to reach their target (IV)The screen writers had absolutely no new ideas to show for their money. A bunch of monkeys could have written better dialogue. A 1st grader could have made a plot that had less holes in it. The special effects were pretty much of the same quality as in the first Star Wars movie that was released 1977. I'd expect something way better in 2015.

Reviewed by FabledGentleman 9 / 10

Boring and Predictable

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by ilcool90 9 / 10

It's like when an unknown Chinese manufacturer decided to make a fake iPhone

I want to start by stating I truly have enjoyed all Star Wars movies prior to this one. Even the prequels (which are obviously not as good) demolish this movie in plot, character building and EVEN action sequences. (there is only two lightsaber battles and they last seconds)Anyone with a brain and knowledge of the original trilogy can see that Star Wars: Episode VII was a regurgitation of the first three film's plot condensed into two hours. Everything was the same with slight twists down to the famous "Luke, I am your father" scene except it's with Han Solo and his apparent Sith son who stabs and throws off of the new Death Star.They added a bigger and badder Death Star, tossed Anakin's lightsaber around to whoever felt like using it to fight and did a terrible job of carrying on Star Wars essence. It was flooded with humor and half a**ed acting. There was no training or build up of power Rey is literally able to defeat the most powerful Sith Lord as a teenage girl who days before didn't even know she was a Jedi. Finn was able to wield and use a lightsaber although as far as I am concerned he is not a Jedi. Han Solo and Chewbacca just happen to come across the Millennium Falcon after 30 years which just happens to have Luke Skywalker's daughter, Finn, and a droid carrying the map to Luke Skywalker on it. The film was pretty much downhill for me from this point on I spent most of my time watching this with a "What???" face and hands up in confusion as to how they could have made the film suck so bad.This film literally spanned out the introduction of old characters we know and love in order to keep our attention and keep us excited to see the next only to disappoint us with no further elaboration in story and literally no emotion. Leia hardly even reacted to losing the love of her life Han Solo. The dialogue between the two of them was rushed and obvious that they were trying to explain 30 years of story in small talk. What I take as the mentality for this film: MAKE A BIGGER DEATHSTAR, OH BIGGER EMPEROR TOO (srsly what was up with that), GIRL JEDI MAIN CHARACTER, BLACK GUY WHO MIGHT BE A JEDI TOO MAIN CHARACTER (I am African American so don't take this as racism) people are going TO EAT THIS UP. And congratulations, you all did and now they will keep milking the franchise and making terribly thought out films with nothing more than CGI and humor to make up for it. Throughout this film I found myself wanting to walk out of the theater and just be done but I couldn't resist waiting for the punchline of this joke of a film and boy did I get it. After all of the humor riddled torture we are brought to the final scene. Rey is going to see her long lost dad who I guess spent all of this time standing on a random mountain looking at the beach. And then it happens, what we had all been waiting for. Luke turns around and sees the daughter he was forced to abandon and she hold out Anakin's lightsaber as some odd tribute to him (I don't see the symbolism in this) at this point I just burst out laughing at how bad this journey has been and that's it it's over. The next thing I see is JJ Abrams. I proceeded to scream "BOO" at the screen multiple times with the only response to it being "cmon it wasn't that bad" after that I walked outside and contemplated throwing up as the movie was so bad it caused me to feel nauseous. This film took advantage of Star Wars fans and played into a hand of re-doing famous scenes with different characters and telling the same story over again. It's sad that people actually think this movie was good or acceptable because now they are going to once again shame the Star Wars name.BOYCOTT EPISODE 8. THIS RENDITION NEEDS TO BE SCRAPPED AND REBOOTED THEY ARE JUST MILKING THIS FRANCHISE.

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