Southside with You


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Tika Sumpter as Michelle Robinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 9 / 10

Very romantic story about the president and his first lady

When I saw the trailer a few mouths back I knew I had to see it. It was just about a random women preparing to go out with a college from work, then you discover she's Michelle Robinson and her colleague is Barack Obama.It was the best first date every caught on picture. I like the fact that I feel I did not learn anything new about the President of the United States. Southside with You has taken the man I've seen for the past 8 years and put that personality on celluloid accurately to what I already know. There was no surprise coming as Barack explain to Michelle his anger towards his father, his upbringing before college, and where he wants his life to go. Brilliantly played by Parker Sawyers, Barry O is easy to parody, but Sawyers was able to really capture the man without doing that.What I also liked about the movie is what it told me about Michelle Robinson, a strong black woman also trying to find her way in life. Not satisfied with where her life is going and knowing she wants more out of it. Tika Sumpter did a good job show casing a career orientated woman focus on being more than just the black woman at her law firm and feeling a relationship with Obama would change that. Making her stand offish at first to his natural charm.It's funny. It's a tale as old as time: boy likes girl, girl's not having it, boy tricks girl into date, girl keeps saying it's not a date, and boy has to put on the charm in order to win girl's heart. However, the two people they chose to tell this tale on bring a flavor to it that's uncanny.Very quiet, but well structured. Not nearly as impactful as the two people it's about, but real good portrait of a iconic love affair.

Reviewed by mharah 9 / 10

Very unfortunate effort

This is one of the worst films I've ever seen. And it's not that it's about the Obamas, or that it's political (it's not), or even that it is almost unbelievable (in spite of the fact that everything really did happen at some point). It's that the producer-writer-director is so obviously infatuated with the Obamas that he ended up making a movie which comes off as one big, fat, sloppy kiss. The movie spans one afternoon and evening. There's no conflict, there's no character development, there's no new information. The actors are well cast, and they do the best they can with what they're given. That may make for a sweet photo montage, but it doesn't tell a story (which has already been told many times anyway). Even if every incident depicted happened in the space of one day (which they almost certainly did not), no one would believe it. If there is one cliché that was missed, there was no place left to put it. If there was room for one more tracking shot, the audience would fall asleep. In short, if you are head-over-heels in love with the Obamas, you may love this outing. Otherwise....

Reviewed by AdultAudienceMember 9 / 10

Not as exciting as watching paint dry.

The Kennedys had Camelot. The Carters had the peanut farm. The Johnsons had The Ranch. All of them were created for sycophantic followers who just had to believe the a Kennedy was faithful, the Carter was just one of them, and the Johnsons were honest. Southside is the same genre. M & B are omg just like us and they are so cute and wow aren't they so smart. Fact is that this has less reality when it comes to tone than Bambi is the definitive work on the life cycle of white tail deer. Two types will go see this. Those who are already hooked on the Obama crack pipe and those who are forced to enter the theater to avoid some sort of apocalypse outside. It is pure dreck.

Reviewed by secretzfan 9 / 10

A weak and try hard attempt at romance

Southside with You tries to tell the romantic story of Obama and Michelle's relationship by giving us a deep look into the lives of the future best family in the U.S, but sadly it falters a bit as it tries to make the romance interesting with thought provoking debates about the world and there clashing ideals. The film just lacks a lot of focus on what it wants to really be and how much of the story it wants to tell. The acting is actually the best part of the film as Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers really try there best to the weak script compelling and interesting to see. There chemistry is quite incompatible and makes for a fun and engaging experience to see portrayed on the screen. But good chemistry can't save a pretty meh script and pretty average directing done by Richard Tanne. The film just can't engage you enough and instead feels dull and also really boring to watch as well.Overall Southside by You tries to be interesting but misses the mark

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