Something for Everyone


Comedy  Crime  Drama  


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Angela Lansbury as Countess Herthe von Ornstein
Michael York as Konrad Ludwig
Anthony Higgins as Helmuth Von Ornstein
Jane Carr as Lotte Von Ornstein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Roedy Green 9 / 10

My #1 Guilty Pleasure Movie of All Time

This movie tickled me to the bone.I can laugh decades later just thinking about Angela Lansbury greedily but daintily scarfing down strawberries.Michael York is infinitely sexy and sinister at the same time. Just the memory of his performance gives me goosebumps.Everyone in the cast is such a juicy distinctive being and such fun to watch.It seems funny ranking this movie up there with Citizen Kane as one of the greatest movies of all time, but in terms of sheer enjoyment, for me, it ties with Cabaret (another Michael York movie) as #1.

Reviewed by gpadillo 9 / 10

A beautiful, black, wry, comic fairy tale.

Hal Prince's Something For Everyone is perhaps one of the most looked over American classics of the 70's. The blackest of comedies the title might, if taken literally, be misleading since it is, obviously NOT for everyone. Prince's theatrical touch can be felt and lends a strong hand in the telling of the tale and keeping tight reigns on what could easily have become an out-of-control experience (i.e., "Happy Birthday, Gemini"), a taut, thrillingly wry comedy ? one of the best of its type. Combining the fantasy of fairy tale with the social repression and economic dire straits of a Post-II World II Bavaria the film provides a vastly entertaining (and darkly hilarious) look into subject matters verboten at the time of the tale including the Nazi issue, social pariahism, class distinction and sexual appetite.The dichotomy between classes has never been more closely paralleled in film: on one hand there is the starving, eager and willing to do anything young Konrad (Michael York) and on the other the Countess von Ornstein ? she of by gone nobility. Countess or now, she too is starving, clinging to a past which has not only faded, but threatens at any minute to disintegrate. Her prospects poor she does what she must. Lansbury's Countess is priceless and she plays it with an unlikely combination of superego and hopeless despair ? and she is brilliant. A tour-de-force. If released today ? the film would be at the top of every best 10 list and be talked about salaciously at every Starbucks. With nazis hiding in the woodwork, sexual weaponry, misplaced romantic feelings, murder, social climbing combining with delicious Bavarian countryside, castles, beer gardens, stunning mountain vistas and even Wagnerian opera, Prince gives us a fairy tale gone wrong. Wondrously, terribly and gloriously wrong. p.

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 9 / 10

something, indeed

Charming, machiavellian drifter manipulates widowed aristocrat and her family to gain control of the estate. Exemplary characters and script, and striking scenery for atmosphere. Viewers may also enjoy "A New Leaf" (1971).(Rating: A)

Reviewed by oyvay 9 / 10

just as fine as I remembered it...

I remember this film from the was one of my favourites. Finally got hold of a copy from the USA. Unfortunately the scene between Conrad and the son was cut out, but otherwise it was still brilliant. Angela Lansbury was superb. Seemed a role made for her. Anuntie Mame gone upmarket and euro. If you can find a copy to rent, do it. A ten from me.

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