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Amy Poehler as Maura Ellis
John Cena as Pazuzu
Tina Fey as Kate Ellis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anthony Iessi 9 / 10

Tina and Amy are better than this.

What went wrong? Tina and Amy were so funny together on SNL and the Golden Globes. You would think another movie starring the both of them would be another hit.This was just painful. Nothing happened. It's basically a gender-swapped Step Brothers. It's people, on the verge of 50, acting like children. In Step Brothers, it was hilarious because it showed the baffled reactions of everyone around the two main characters as they acted like buffoons. In this movie, nobody seems to react to how ridiculous these two are. In fact, everyone around them is equally immature. All these over-the-top characters kept popping up. Maya Rudolph plays a bitter "mean" girl, John Leguizamo plays a STD ridden sex freak, and Bobby Moynihan plays the former class clown that nobody thought was funny. Moynihan actually, quite barely, saves this movie from being absolutely unbearable, because his character was basically a walking non-sequitur (ala Brick Tamland, Ralph Wiggum).It's just an odd set of really, unfunny jokes. That's it. Gags that don't set up and lead to nowhere. The only shred of a story that exists is hastily established and wrapped up within the final 20 minutes of the movie. They just weren't thinking while making this.

Reviewed by nhc-42056 9 / 10

Just dreadful

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by sreese-55446 9 / 10

Teenage boy penis/boobs/anus movie

This one is truly awful.I'm not so sure when I've seen a movie that I disliked more. The only reason I didn't walk out within ten minutes was because I was with two other people. In the end, they hated it just as much as I. All of us, BTW, work in film and publishing. We saw the film at a WGA screening in Beverly Hills 12/27/15....Where to begin? The characters are insipid. No one on the screen (I'm speaking here of the characters, not the actors) whom I/we could like. The language was self-consciously profane,meant to be funny but only repetitively offensive. The plot, a big party that destroys a family house, lowbrow and irrational. The more I watched these characters the more I disliked them, their friends and their families.There's such a thing as a "smart dumb comedy" (e.g., The Wedding Crashers, but this was not it. Toward the end of the film there is a massive sinkhole on the family property. If only this whole project had gone down there. Works like this are the problem with the American film industry. They seek the lowest element of audience stupidity and occasionally, as in this case, achieve it.To be AVOIDED! A mess!

Reviewed by Thomas Drufke 9 / 10

One Last Party

Really, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and this is as good as they can do, this movie is for teenage boys, young pubescent kids. What a disappointment. I expected so much more from two comediennes, but this is a low low. Drugs, penises, boobs, and more f- words than necessary. Come on, comedy doesn't need to smack you in the face, again and again and again and again. James Brolin and Dianne Weist and the young actress playing Tina's daughter, showed just enough restraint, much needed by everyone else, to be the only bright spots in this movie. Raise the bar, Tina and Amy!!! They could have offered more reasons to root for either sister, but did not. Amy and Tina, please, I know you can do better, because I've seen you do better. Don't settle for making the lowest common denominator laugh. Elevate your efforts

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