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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quincytheodore 9 / 10

Nonsensical plot accompanied by visual splendor of world's most extreme corners.

Imagine the intense stunts from energy drink commercial or Youtube extreme sport montage while music from Mad Max blares on background. This is where the second coming of Point Break truly excels. When it hits just the right velocity, it's bloody breathtaking. Unfortunately, the narrative is not only poor, it nearly sabotages the movie like a broken parachute.Story revolves around Utah (Luke Bracey), an FBI trainee as he investigates a series of heists and their connection to a group of athletes led by Bodhi (Édgar Ramírez). As one might expect, it follows the same trail that Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze has placed. The new leads do what they can, although it's better to watch this without comparing, because it certainly doesn't have the same caliber of star or chemistry.The plot then dives head first into uncharted territory. It's littered with so much "save the planet" preachy acts as the writing struggles to place FBI agent in the hippie nirvana angle. The motivation is just a mess of random vague one-liners, even the on-screen characters are perplexed by it. There's a romance subplot, but this is mainly to show the attractive Teresa Palmer as eye candy for several short scenes.The movie is actually better when they just show the crazy sequences instead of forcing its lackluster story. It has plethora of impressive feats, from high heaven wingsuit flying, the climb on hazardous urban streets and natural cliffs, to the surfing of gigantic waves. This is the level of stunt choreography xXx and Fast and Furious wish they had.When camera pans into the right angle and lighting, as the sounds is muffled by throbbing tune of the fast music, Point Break reaches the zenith. It's miles beyond what typical action flick could offer, but sadly it's repeatedly interrupted by the shoddy story, which feels like an excuse to fly across the globe to do random cool tricks.If viewed only on the grand mix of cinematography and choreography, Point Break is exquisite, this would have been a great documentary of extreme sport. However, as action movie, the story is so pretentious, it simply serves as speed bump to hamper the thrill.

Reviewed by nixon carmichael 9 / 10

It's almost as though they made a terrible movie on purpose.

Beware people, this is an early review. Being a member of a media group I caught an early screening at the Amc. I was not required to sign an NDA.Point Break is a bafflingly unsolicited remake of the 1991 cult classic of the same name. It is directed by Ericson Core, a good filmmaker who directed the 2006 Invincible, a film which is criminally underrated. When I found out that Point Break was being remade I shuddered in fear, but I when I learned that Core was directing the film, I immediately changed my tune, as I hold Invincible in such high regard, as it truly is an under appreciated film for the ages.Point Break 2015 is grotesque. I am not inherently adverse to remakes and reboots, and I am not at all a purist, I am perfectly fine with rebooting material and straying from source material if it serves the story well. What had happened here is that the studio has produced a garden variety action movie and slapped a name on it purely for the sake of brand recognition.The film exceeds expectations in the sense that this a slickly produced action film with a completely rad soundtrack. The camera work, framing and editing leave everything on the proverbial field. There isn't anything new going on here, but it's produced in a professional manner and the action scenes are handled with extreme care.And along comes the story, instead of our group of guys pulling bank jobs to fund adrenaline junkie lifestyles, the action men of 2015 are self aware crusaders, too cool for school, hipsters on a self imposed mission from God. Every character in this film is ball- kickingly annoying. The problem is that not one of the main characters are in possession of a redeemable quality and their motivations are completely nonsensical, they are all essentially unknowingly pseudo intellectuals.If this movie had been titles virtually anything else I may have given it a 4 or 5 out of 10, rather than a three, though the unnecessarily and intentionally sanitized PG13 vibe completely disrupts any potential the film may have had in the first place.It's not good, it stinks.No sir, I don't like it.

Reviewed by nik_it_as 9 / 10

A disgrace of a movie

I just saw the first projection at Chiang Mai Thailand. This is one of the most horrible movies i have ever seen. Please don't waste your money. The story makes no sense. The characters are stiff like frozen cucumbers, the purpose and motivations are completely ridiculous. This is a disgrace of a movie. It is as if the director wanted to create the horrible anti point break. Oh My God! Oh My Buddha! Wasted life! There is no logic, the characters are half-dimensional, the star is beyond ridiculous and annoying, the girl is on drugs, the pace is awful they jump from scene to scene like monkeys jump from tree to tree. The director clearly had no vision. I don't know what to say other than STAY AWAY. STAY AWAY.

Reviewed by Michael Seng Wah 9 / 10

A Pointless Remake

The film presents a number of impressive extreme sport actions set pieces with glorious parachutes or rock-climbing gear that will certainly excite the audiences but sadly the plot with poor pacing has turned this remake slightly pointless. It manages to break the action point based on the Ozaki Eight's fictional sets of highly dangerous attempts of worshiping the nature but fail in achieving several other points, most obviously when it lacks of engagement in between the characters while the existence of political subtext and the crime concept seems to be meaningless. Performance from the casts are overall fine but the decision to focus on the extreme adventures have totally neglected the potential of some supporting characters and the emotional development that cause the romance and friendship seems to be superficial. Visual effects are environmental breathtaking and stunning, the scores by Junkie XL are strong and inspiring yet all of these are insufficient to provide additional thrills to make the film superior than the original cult in 1991.

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