My Cousin Rachel


Drama  Mystery  Romance  


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Guest 9 / 10

I really wanted to enjoy it but...

Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin are doing a very good job! Like the other actors. You can see and feel behind there is the work from the director, Roger Michell. The film is as good as Henry Koster's 1952 version, with Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton. The film is good first of all because it is based on a fascinating story, signed by Daphne Du Maurier. When you got a good story and good actors and good director, you got great chances to make a good movie. And nowadays, all these are increasingly rare, especially great stories.

Reviewed by alcrecy 9 / 10

mixed feelings

I admire Daphne du Maurier's 'Rebecca' and Hitchcock's film, as well as her short stories; also, I love Roger Michell's 'Notting Hill'. So I really wanted to enjoy this film.It has its strong points: it's a pervasive mystery combined with a complicated love story, it's beautifully shot in a period setting and the action in a sense turns full circle quite satisfyingly. The acting by Rachel Weisz as Rachel and Sam Claflin as Philip is generally quite engaging, too. There are even a couple of jokes: Rachel makes one about a smoking room for women and, when called a 'stickler' by Philip, his lawyer Mr Crouch (Simon Russell Beale) retorts that he will 'stickle'.Unfortunately the film's pace was too slow for me. It held my attention, paradoxically, because I was waiting for a decisive moment. There are numerous pregnant pauses in the dialogue but I would say there's very little emotional intensity or mounting suspense.Of course I wasn't expecting an action movie (not a favourite genre of mine), but I believe the film could have done du Maurier more justice. It might have been more interesting if one character had been developed: Rachel's friend Rainaldi (Pierfrancesco Favino). He is enigmatic and she hints at his sexuality, but that is all. I still want to read the novel.

Reviewed by maurice yacowar 9 / 10

Young man revives his suspicion and fear of a superior woman

( sorry for my English )i was eager to see this movie especially having read recently the book .The atmosphere was well created , Victorian style . but the adaptation leaves to be desired . first not faithful to the novel , then the sex scenes spoiled the climate . the actors performance was not very natural . therefore i prefer Olivia and Richard But at certain moments i could feel Du Maurier masterpiece

Reviewed by good-decision 9 / 10

As a book lover I was disappointed

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