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Kate Mara as Lee Weathers
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Boyd Holbrook as Skip Vronsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 9 / 10

If you liked "Cube" or "Event Horizon," you'll like MORGAN

The film MORGAN is one that you'd file under decent attempt. Directed by Ridley's son, Luke Scott, you wonder if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree or the talent gets passed down trough genes, well, don't expect MORGAN to be on the same level as Ridley's "Alien," that's for sure, but again, a decent attempt is what it is, the closest to a compliment I can give the film at this point.Kate Mara plays a corporate risk management officer, a troubleshooter, and she's sent to a top secret location to investigate and evaluate a recent accident, she's supposed to be there to find out what went wrong and judge the asset in terms of the overall profit. At this top secret location, scientists have successfully created what is perceived to be the perfect human (Anya Taylor-Joy) but turns out, she comes with her own set of unpredictable threats.What I can appreciate about MORGAN is that it takes familiar concepts from the world of science fiction and makes it its own. Creating life out of nothing or creating a life that's flawless has always been a fascination for ages. The film has its own way of addressing that. It's not perfect but the build up, the intensity, and the way things escalate as soon as situations go sideways, they're all well-paced and shot quite nicely. Definitely the one that stands out the most is young actress Anya Taylor-Joy, she already impressed me in "The Witch" earlier this year, and so her cold, calculating, fearsome performance in MORGAN only solidifies her reputation as the latest incredible force to be reckoned with. Better watch out for that one, she's going to go places. With its ensemble cast and its emphasis on keeping you guessing till the very end while wowing you with fight sequences and a big reveal, MORGAN is just the right dose of horror/sci-fi/thriller for us fans of such films as 1997's "Cube" or "Event Horizon" -- Rama's Screen --

Reviewed by E23-films 9 / 10

??? - never breaks from the mold

Having seen the trailer, I had high hopes for Morgan. The ideas looked interesting, and the movie starts off pretty strongly. There's an eerie ambiance, and a peculiar mystery being set up without the usual amount of exposition, which is a bonus!The main trouble for me was the lack of experience behind the camera. As director Scott's and writer Owen's first proper feature film, there was never quite the unique spark of originality that a movie like this needs. Being a mystery, it's laden with twists, most of which you can see coming ages before they do (especially the big one). But because you're never surprised by what happens, there's very little tension built up because you can predict the direction of the film.Though the gist of the story is intriguing, it hinges on the characters - which didn't really work. The acting is mostly decent - Mara is pretty weird right from the start - you know there's something hidden about her. Taylor-Joy also does a fairly good job following her fantastic performance in The Witch, but her character (despite being the most interesting one) is fairly undeveloped and surprisingly shallow. Jones is brilliant, his character deserved a much bigger role, but the turning point in the film comes from Giamatti. His scene where he interviews Morgan feels so unnatural, unrealistic and unmotivated - aggression coming from nowhere, with predictable consequences that set the tone for the remainder of the movie.So basically, it feels like a dumber version of Ex Machina. Human- like creature/experiment is kept in a cell while clever people work out whether it can cope in the real world. Except the difference is, Ex Machina has depth, subtlety and intelligence. Morgan offers some pretty good action, but its logic lets it down. Just too predictable and nonsensical to be enjoyable or engaging.3/5

Reviewed by PopSpective_Net 9 / 10

Good movie but misses out on potential

Morgan starts with a simple premise of the moral and ethical implications of genetically crafting a biological being from scratch. Even if such a being looks and acts human, is it? Is the being a "she" or an "it"?and does the being have rights or autonomy, or can it be owned like a pet, or an iPhone? Based on nothing more than the trailers, the movie struck me as a sort of biological / genetic mirror of Ex Machina. That turns out to be true to an extent, but Morgan doesn't do as good a job of exploring the philosophical question or examining the humanity of the being. The question is sort of posed, and then quickly falls aside as Morgan turns into more of a blood and guts action flick.There is a twist at the end that I actually didn't see coming. My son says it was obvious early on, but the first hint I got was only moments before the truth of the twist was revealed.I enjoyed the movie?and I recommend you go see it. I just feel like there was much more potential there to really dig into the philosophical issues and ethical debates of creating a genetic hybrid.I had a chance to speak to director Luke Scott after seeing Morgan, and we dove into those issues a bit further. Scott told me that in his opinion the basic premise of Morgan is entirely plausible. "A lot of the background science?of course it's a fantasy that we made?but a lot of the background science is rooted in truth." We talked some about the similarities and differences between the premise of Ex Machina and the premise of Morgan?a cybernetic android being versus a genetic hybrid biological being. Scott shared his belief that the technical possibility of creating something as advanced as the android in Ex Machina is far beyond our abilities, but Morgan, and the ability to create a biological being, is within our reach."The science is there," explained Scott. "The only thing holding us back is a moral question." It is a valid and important moral question, too. If a company like Monsanto can create genetically modified seeds to produce healthier or more bountiful crops and own a patent on that seed, would we allow a genetic engineering company to craft healthier or more capable gene pools and own a patent on those genes? Could we create a society where those with the financial resources are able to purchase superior genetics?thereby artificially widening the gap and creating a population of genetic "Haves" and "Have Nots"? Or, would we deem a genetically modified or engineered being to be less than human?a thing or creature that can be owned, rather than a sentient being with rights? Those are all great questions to explore, but Morgan really just scratches the surface of them.I asked Luke Scott what's next on his horizon, and he let me know he's working on a project that also comes with a moral and ethical dilemma, but this one is based on a true story. Scott told me he is working on a script based on a book describing the story of the Donner Party?a group of homesteading pioneers that got caught in bad weather and stranded on a glacier and had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

Reviewed by Bwizzle420 9 / 10

a pleasant surprise

Morgan directed by Luke Scott is a sci-fi horror film about a group of scientists who have artificially created a humanoid being. after a grisly event a corporate risk management consultant is sent to deal with the situation by determining whether or not this being which goes by the name of Morgan should be terminated.this film was a pleasant surprise. Luke Scott crafts a genuinely masterful sci-fi horror film here with some depth and excellent pacing. the film starts of with a gruesome and shocking scene that really sets the tone. directly after this scene we move into some expository sequences that deliver some good characterization and a great sense of what each characters motivations are. we understand how most if not all of the scientists feel about Morgan and the project/goal that they are working towards. although many of the characters are not very complex they each have clear motivations and emotions towards Morgan and their task as scientists and this makes the film have emotional impact and adds to the horror of the story. after we are given enough information to propel the plot forward and set the foundation for what's to come the film picks up speed and doesn't hold back. the story is told at a smooth and brisk pace, simply escalating more and more out of control. I will not spoil anything but I will say there is a scene involving an interrogation that is so masterfully directed and acted, that it really creates some overwhelming tension and suspense. this scene allows us to delve into the mind of the mystery that is Morgan and see how she deals with certain emotions and how these emotions affect her actions. or how she may use certain emotions to evoke a certain response from others. the beauty of this scene though is that while it does give enough depth to the character of Morgan by showing us she isn't just a mindless killer without emotions, it also adds to the suspense and tension of the film by not fully diving into these ideas and leaving us questioning sometimes what Morgan will do. another smart decision because the pacing of the film wouldn't have been as good as it was if we got anymore characterization. the pace would've slowed and the film would have dragged a bit. with the release of Ex Machina just a year earlier I believe this was a smart move for the director. both films have a similar plot and that makes it very important for this film to be able to stand on it's own as a horror rather than a drama like Ex Machina. I will say this movie does just that. while it does have dramatic elements in terms of its narrative, it only has just just enough to ensure the story has enough depth to be a solid horror film with emotional impact. this is how it differentiates itself from Ex Machina. it knows it's a horror film and embraces that. after the interrogation scene the story picks up the pace yet again and speeds its way towards its climax. which I will say without spoiling anything is excellent and I did not see the twist coming until a moment before it was revealed. I have a feeling many viewers will leave the theatre with smiles on their faces. for the most part each character that was of any importance to the plot has his or her scene of closure. their stories add to both the horror and the drama. the acting in this film is superb. everyone involved did an excellent job. this film would not have been as effective as it was if the acting wasn't as effective as it was. the editing was excellent throughout with the exception of the fight sequences. I don't exactly know what happened there but the fight scenes were terribly directed as well as edited to pieces. this was very underwhelming and annoying. far to many cuts and instances of shaky cam. the pacing was brisk and effortless. the script was carefully crafted, it produced scenes of horror, drama, suspense and an overall cohesive and emotional sci-fi horror story that I will remember for years to come.the verdict: 8.5/10

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