Max Steel


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Maria Bello as Molly McGrath
Andy Garcia as Dr. Miles Edwards
Josh Brener as Steel
Mike Doyle as Jim McGrath
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nomads-13500 9 / 10

Not to be compared with (Shaquile O Neal) STEEL

Alright so those thinking that this is a remake of Shaquile o Neal's Steel, they are wrong. First of all Steel and Max Steel are two different characters. Steel is a character from DC Universe and goes by the alias of John Henry Irons, and Max Steel's real name is Max McGrath and belongs to Mattel. This is an entirely new movie and character. But overall the movie is great! The film is based on the reboot of the series rather than the original one from the year 2000 and it shows Max McGrath's origins into becoming Max Steel. The movie is great and the special effects are awesome. However you should watch it yourself to judge it.

Reviewed by bocchun-43555 9 / 10

Bad writing, directing.. SUPER SLOW

One of the worst super hero movie of 2016. Extremely slow to tell a story, no action (except for the last few mins of the movie), too many annoying flash back. Seem like the director wasn't sure if he wants to make a sci-fi movie, chic flix, or comedy.. it turns out to be a big mess that drag on and on. People walking out in the middle of the movie, if it wasn't for my 11 year old, I would have done the same.. After the movie, my 11 year old even comment how bad the movie was! Here's an example of how slow the movie was.. the first min. of the movie, it also indicate Max has super power, it took about 30 mins of the movie to finally confirm his super power. Then another 40 mins of the movie to talk about nothing much with flash back.. and finally 5 mins of action (fight scene) to beat the bad guy. When you think it's all over.. they spend another 15 mins to put some unnecessary romance and filler to make the movie 92mins long, so that you don't think the movie is being too short.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 9 / 10

Had the potential to be a great film, but it just wasn't clicking.

I remember a cartoon that pretty much was the same deal, except that cartoon more had a base on action sports which was what I was expecting with this film but as it turns out there was another more recent cartoon, this movie was based on. Max is a kid who moved around a lot and he discovers why when he moves to the place were his mom and dad met and it triggers the energy spectrum that gives him super powers.The formula was straight forward and it should have worked but all it did was doze me off, literally snoozing. Thought the movie did have some interesting surprises, but I spent most of the flick trying to keep my eyes open to pay too much attention. Will say I enjoyed Andy García's role in this film. Far different than anything I've seen him in before and he most likely did it cause it was fun to do and he looked like he had fun. So that was enjoyable.Max Steel could have been so much better, but it's not. So it's not worth watching. Should have based it on the 1st cartoon I guess.

Reviewed by zardoz-13 9 / 10

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible!!!

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