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Raquel Welch as Kit Forrest
Frank Sinatra as Tony Rome
Lainie Kazan as Maria Baretto
Richard Conte as Lt. Dave Santini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by duwizrd 9 / 10

Pure Camp

Film noir fans who are familiar with "Murder, My Sweet"(1944)directed by Edward Dmytryk, with Dick Powell and Claire Trevor can't help but see the similarities. Fun seeing Dan Blocker playing the Moose Malloy role (played in 1944 by Mike Mazurki). Guess they wanted a sequel to the first Tony Rome film and decided an updated version of a detective classic would fit the bill. This is as much a "period" piece as the original is to its time: Dick Powell and the whole flick personifying the 40's, Sinatra and Raquel Welch, et al, and the "funky" music and "edgy" references by Sinatra being a poster child for the free-lovin', hip 60's.

Reviewed by literati-2 9 / 10

"Hip" 60's version of "Murder, My Sweet"

O.K., Tony doesn't die, but this film killed an otherwise promising franchise. While the original, Tony Rome, wasn't a monumental piece of film-making this one fell flat at the box office.Lovable loser Tony Rome is back. He's still cool in his deadbeat style, but this time he's on a case that just doesn't gel. Revisiting the ingredients that made the original a fun romp falls flat this time as the story just hasn't got legs. It starts off startling enough with the underwater discovery of a nude (torso up) blonde on the bottom of the sea. The story could have gone any number of ways from here, but the direction it took - mobster gone straight and jealousy among lovers, including bashing gays, seems mis-placed to be kind.The high points here include good turns by Raquel Welsh and Dan Blocher. As a character actor Blocher really lights up the screen. His presence is formidable and begs for more screen time. Raquel Welsh is fantastic window dressing, if not quite as effective as Jill St. John in Tony Rome. Sinatra is totally relaxed and rolling nicely with the character. Blame the writers and the screenplay because with the cool backdrop of Miami Beach and the straight man role reprised of homicide chief Richard Conti this could have extended Tony Rome into at least another two or three films. It didn't, however, and this is still worth a watch if not very compelling.

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 9 / 10

It's junk, but it's fun...

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by AudioFileZ 9 / 10

Fun Romp That Killed Tony Rome

Arguably more entertaining than predecessor TONY ROME...if only for the oddball casting (Raquel Welch, Richard Deacon, Lainie Kazan, Dan Waldo Gronsky!). After a pretty creepy opening scene, Frank Sinatra is hired to find some missing jewels and runs into mafioso Martin Gabel and his goons. Sinatra is dynamite and has a lot of chemistry with Welch. Gabel is certainly the most unlikely & shortest mafia don imaginable. Directed, with his usual lack of style, by Gordon Douglas but highlighted by a priceless Hugo Montenegro score. It's a lot of fun and does manage to capture Sinatra at his most swinging. He lives on a boat, drive a convertible, is afraid of no one and is very mouthy. Longtime Sinatra crony Richard Conte (taking things very seriously) returns as the crusty yet benign Miami cop who helps Rome out.

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