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Halle Berry as Karla Dyson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenw-30180 9 / 10

Reviewers MUST watch a film and understand it before posting an objective review

First, I need to address the ridiculous and flat out wrong points each of the previous reviewers wrote. In summery, the first reviewer admits to walking out of the film after 10 minutes! That said, how do you know what happened the other 86 minutes of the film. Point 1, the mother does not have 1% on her phone....she loses the phone while chasing after her son! 2. It's common (in the U.S.) to have a White couple walking with a black child. There was no dragging until they enter the car as the mother spots them! What 3rd world country are you from? 3. It's never stated the ex husband is a lawyer. It's made clear he has an MD as a partner but never states what he does for a living. He has a lawyer, not is a lawyer....don't review a film unless you watch all of it. You are doing this community a disservice.To the second reviewer, at least He/She watched the whole film despite their opinion, which they are entitled to. First, two time nominated and one time winner of the Academy Awards for Leading Actress roll Halle Berry is, in fact, a very good actress. To answer your question....she has not taken roles in a four or so year period as she became a Mother and is dedicated to raising her child as a toddler as most Mothers do until the child is old enough and the parent can go back to work. Additionally, if you know anything about cars, an early model (83-89) Mustang GT is a VERY FAST car. It was the last of the 5.0 Litre Mustangs until recently and was one of the lightest models since 1965. Hence, ANY minivan is NO match for that GT. Also, to suggest there were plenty of times to get in front of the car is plain stupid! Would you do that if the passenger is holding a knife to your child's neck? The rest of your negative diatribe is not worth addressing. I won't bother to debunk your other inaccurate perspectives on the movie as I would like to give my own opinion.Now, I don't say this is a great film. Not even a very good film, I think it was entertaining, as it was what it was. A fast paced thriller about a mothers love for her child and the ends she would go to to save him at any cost. I think Halle Beery actually does a good job with a rather simple premise. Her acting is fine and above par but the story line is quite contrite. Otherwise, it evokes emotion throughout after a rather slow beginning, but, isn't that what a decent to good film is supposed to do? Get you emotionally invested in the story line or plot? No matter how simple or straight forward? I will say, growing up in NYC, NY and having a home in Florida as well, the biggest part of the BS of the story is that almost nowhere in the United Stated (except Montana, Utah, North and South Dakota and perhaps The deserts of Nevada) can someone race through major highways and roads at high speeds leaving a swath of destruction behind you, chasing a car with no license plates will there be no police on you within minutes. Even if she hadn't been following the kidnappers at excessive speeds, someone would have noticed the chase of a car with NO plates! Simply would NEVER HAPPEN. Barring that pretty big oversight, I enjoyed the film and was entertained for 85% of it.If your a fan of fast paced thrillers with a simple premise and some terrific stunt work, you will enjoy this film. If your looking for a Hitchcock type thriller, this film is not for you.

Reviewed by adventure7 9 / 10

Excellent thrill ride!

What does it take to make a good thriller? Suspense, to feel the tension, to give you the chills. And this movie did that in the right way! Don't get influenced by subjective people who walked of the movie after the first 10 minutes!If you love good flicks that give you goosebumps and mainly love thrillers, this is the perfect movie for you. Watching the trailer I was expecting mediocre movie, but what I got was way above that. It reminded me of another Halle Berry's thriller - The Call from 2013 which was very good too.I can't say it's a perfect film, it has it's flaws. There is only one "what happened to that" moment. You know, when some questions aren't answered, but it wasn't that big of a deal at all.Halle Berry's stellar and compelling performance definitely sells the character of a suffering mother trying to safe her kid's life. The other actors did pretty good job too.The film pushes the right buttons to make you feel the suspense in the whole run time. It surely deserves 10/10!

Reviewed by scotsman4 9 / 10

Bad, stay away. Don't let this movie kidnap your time

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by scotsman4 9 / 10

Bad, stay away. Don't let this movie kidnap your time

First of all, I saw Kidnap at a sneakpreview in The Netherlands. This means nobody knows which movie title they are going to see and you get a very diverse audience. The thing I noticed while filling out my rating form was that my form was the 9th one with a 1 filled in.Oké, the movie. It's bad most of the movie is a car chase at "high" speed :-) The car of the main character even gets overtaken by 2 trucks/lorries. The main character gets about a 1000 different possibilities to stop the car witth her son in it in front of others but never does.Somehow she does find it important to take off her sweater during the chase (if I would do that in that situation I would crash:)But enough about this movie, I want to forget I ever saw it. Be warned, stay away!Ps.. There is a reason why you don't hear allot about Halle Berry anymore.... (bad acting could be one)

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