Ingrid Goes West


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rstearns54 9 / 10

Admittedly biased review

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by hipCRANK 9 / 10

Social Girl.

This movie was well made. It was well written and well acted. But I hated it. I hated it because both Ingrid and Taylor represented everything that I despise about our society today - style over substance, vomiting one's life all over social media, strangers who clamor to lick up that vomit, getting personal validation by how many complete strangers follow you on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., letting society dictate your worth based on the same criteria, thinking that every opinion that one has matters and should be shared with the world, etc. In short, social media. And in the end, nobody learned anything. Not even Dan (Played by O'Shea Jackson, Jr., and probably the best thing about this movie) learned his lesson. Nor did Taylor's husband. Nobody. They just kept living their sh**ty lives the same way they did before the movie.Like I said, it was a technically well-made movie, but not a good one and not really funny, unless you're the type that thought it was hilarious when Carrie got drenched with pig's blood or laugh at the really horrible contestants on American Idol. It's the same kind of humor - mean spirited at the expense of people who are lonely and pathetic and are just trying to do the best they can to ease their pain. I would have given this movie 3/10, but my personal rule is that anything starring Elizabeth Olsen is worth at least 5.

Reviewed by jon.h.ochiai ([email protected]) 9 / 10


"Ingrid Goes West" is shocking, disturbingly hysterical, and resoundingly sad. You laugh in uncomfortable familiarity and experience touching compassion in one of the year's best and darkest movies. Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen are stark, fearless, and human frailty in this cautionary tale of the darker obsession of social media. There are no great heroes in Director and Writer Matt Spicer's "Ingrid Goes West". There are a lot of the people we know.Aubrey Plaza plays the lonely disturbed Instagram stalker Ingrid Thorburn, who methodically insinuates her way into the life of Social Media "It Girl" Taylor Sloane, played by Elizabeth Olsen. Taylor is famous for being essentially famous, with 1 million followers. Ingrid actually moves to Los Angeles using her inheritance of $63,000 from her late Mother, when she discovers that Taylor lives in Venice, California. She wants to friend the object of her obsession, confusing "likes" as an actual invitation of friendship. This may be the cautionary tale of having the "virtual life". Spicer and co-writer David Branson Smith evoke brazen humor and explore perhaps the darker side of desperation and wanting to be loved. No one is likable in "Ingrid Goes West". But we have empathy for Ingrid's suffering. Plaza's Ingrid is social pariah, and seems both sociopath and psychopath. Plaza is so bold as Ingrid lies to others, and displays total disregard for right and wrong. Ingrid has little remorse for her actions, and less compassion for others.In the opening scene, Ingrid pepper sprays Charlotte, played by pretty Meredith Hagner, for not inviting Ingrid to her wedding. Turns out that Ingrid was only a "friend" on Instagram, she really did not know Charlotte at all. As a result Ingrid is sentenced to a psychiatric rehabilitation facility. After serving her time she is released to go home. Ingrid discovers her new object of obsession in Taylor (Olsen). So Ingrid goes west to be with her. Out west, Ingrid rents a house in Venice from Dan, played by charismatic O'Shea Jackson Jr. Dan might be her one true ally, may be even become a friend. Dan is a coke head, landlord, and aspiring screenwriter with a new "Batman" treatment. At least Dan has a hero, unlike anyone else in the movie. Ingrid and Taylor's superfluous friendship eventually flames out. In catharsis at Taylor's desert home, both confront each other's lies and inauthenticy. Taylor says, "You need professional help!" She is right. We laugh hysterically at the inane exchanges and selfish action of both Ingrid and Taylor. But as sincerely embodied by Plaza, Ingrid needs help. Plaza captures the quiet desperation and loneliness of the girl, who simply wants to be loved, yet has no idea how to do so. Plaza is compelling in Ingrid's fear just to be herself. Spicer poignantly displays the profound depth of shallowness in the life of Taylor and those closest to her. To that end Elizabeth Olsen is amazing. There is the scene as her Taylor confesses her dream for buying the house next door to Ingrid. It's a lie. Olsen plays it straight up, with subtle mesmerizing awareness. I think this is Spicer's commentary on the whole vapid nature of social media obsession, where the surface trumps all else. In the brilliant pool scene Taylor's distraught husband Ezra, played by vulnerable Wyatt Russell, tells Ingrid how everything on Taylor's Instagram posts are "the best". Obviously, not everything can be "the best". But we get the clue that neither is Taylor or his marriage. Conflict arises when Taylor's painfully shallow brother Nicky, played by whimsical Billy Magnussen, outs Ingrid as Taylor's social media stalker. Spicer and Smith's narrative turn is somewhat contrived here, yet leads to both the touching and ironic. Near the end, Plaza is heartbreaking as Ingrid records her selfie video. She says, "I'm a loser?" No, Ingrid is not. She does horrible things to people. She suffers, is lonely, and can't love herself. No, she is not perfect. She is human. Perhaps, that is the morale of "Ingrid Goes West". We should all have compassion for others, because we really don't know what's going on inside. Although, "Ingrid Goes West" will make you simultaneously laugh and squirm, it is so worth watching. The darker side of humanity is still humanity.

Reviewed by Danny Blankenship 9 / 10

Lonely and a obsession to be liked and feel accepted a good take on the current culture of social media.

With living in a world of technology of the internet and face book, twitter, iPhone, and Instagram this movie "Ingrid Goes West" is a good take and spin on the obsession that it has caused many as people will go to great means to be accepted and loved. It's a lonely world for some yet it seems that never goes away when the obsessions go to extremes. As some can never get enough or take no for an answer.Ingrid(Aubrey Plaza)is a lonely Pennsylvania girl who needs friends as she's rejected and bored and wants a change of pace and a new beginning, so when she notices an Instagram star on her iPhone out in California, you guessed it a trip to move to the west coast is on Ingrid's to do list! It's already a slow obsession to be a new friend to this social media star named Taylor Sloane(Elizabeth Olsen) as this attractive bright blond girl seems to have it! Ingrid has a dream come true by getting to meet Taylor and it seems like friendship is rolling along only it's not as each has a different lifestyle and social status. After Ingrid feels rejected and isolated you guessed it she becomes a stalker and it's a dangerous little cat and mouse game with Taylor and others around them.Overall good film that looks at how social media and the need for acceptance will drive someone to go to many means and they will do anything it's an obsession that will lead even close to death. This is a film to check out as it's in step with our current times.

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