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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adri_mtz_2000 9 / 10


Great movie overall. Funny, easy to follow, not too ever the top, not the typical comedy where they do stupid things and are desperate to make you laugh. I think it is smart funny, if you looking for a movie to spend a couple of hours laughing and having a good time then you must watch this movie.

Reviewed by 2001ASOfan 9 / 10

Goofy, truly funny

Low concept (nothing new but all in). High budget (a lot of fairly expensive scenes). Great casting (a handful of real life Hollywood survivors). Not always funny but a few times over-the-top hilarious. Sweet, but mostly in an after-school-special way. Outtakes over the credits are a nice bonus. A poor man's La La Land (looked to be all filmed in L.A.). While waiting for this screening I spent 30 minutes watching The Zookeeper's Wife, so I had movies-as-serious-stuff whiplash. I predict that this won't be a crossover hit, but will turn a small profit (as it deserves to). Worth my time and senior discount ticket, but if you don't like silly pick something else. Casting alone worth it for most people. Finally, kudos for a very young child actor who looked real and was used sensitively.

Reviewed by jennysmatus 9 / 10

Good movie

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by paris cameron 9 / 10


Thank heavens for this all-out comedic celebration (with a huge cast of very funny lead and supporting players) arriving this spring after what seemed like a winter of anything but, both in the world and in movie theaters. I love seeing a good comedy on the big screen with a crowd, and nowadays it seems all too rare that I get the chance: Why are all-out comedies disappearing from multiplexes? When I saw the first trailer for "Latin Lover" months ago I was concerned it was giving away all the funniest moments in the film (particularly the shoe polish/gray-haired chest/swimming pool/poop-water moment that became the hilarious highlight of TV ads as well) but thankfully I was wrong--very wrong. There are dozens of amusing and downright gut-busting moments in the film, and the comedic work of both the lead and supporting cast is contagiously joyous--it's clear (made even more clear by the closing credits) that the production was having a ball while making the film, and a moment where stars Eugenio Derbez and Salma Hayek lose it completely in the outtakes and are left laughing, in helpless hysterics, unable to continue the scene in progress, is one of the warmest, funniest, and most honestly joyous moments I've seen on screen in years. The film's core plot of a determined (from a very young age) gigolo (Derbez) who is dumped by the wealthy older woman he latched onto twenty years before (in favor of a just-as-determined young luxury car salesman played with delightful sleazy abandon by Michael Cera) feels a bit creaky at times, but the film does exactly the right thing by taking the core plot and tweaking it crazily--and often--between all-out goofy comedy and mostly touching moments of what "family" can mean for people in less than traditional life situations in this world. I'm still chuckling days later remembering moments from the film, and got even more joy out of discovering here at just now that four of the featured comedians in the supporting cast are all named "Rob" (including a very, very funny Rob Lowe), and, even more amusing, that the 20-something younger "hunk" version of Derbez's character is played by his real-life son! Great work, everyone--thanks for the laughs and fun: you've given me hope that more comedy from you and others will actually make it to the big screen in the future! (Happy to also read in the news yesterday it was a surprise hit financially in theaters this past weekend: Money talks, and I hope that success means more big-screen comedies in production soon!)

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