Get Out


Horror  Mystery  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - certified fresh 99%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - upright 89%
IMDb Rating 7.7


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Catherine Keener as Missy Armitage
Bradley Whitford as Dean Armitage
Stephen Root as Jim Hudson
Caleb Landry Jones as Jeremy Armitage
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GrigoryGirl 9 / 10


Not a review, but a complaint as to why the message board was removed. I don't want to write a review. I want to discuss the movie with other movie goers....the way they had this set up before. If anyone knows how to get on the MESSAGE BOARD, please let me know. Otherwise, I can delete my account here. This is stupid! I don't wanna write review, I wanna engage in a discussion about the movie the way this site USED to allow visitors to do.

Reviewed by wolfgangblack 9 / 10

another anti-white movie from Hollywood *yawn*

The positive reviews of this movie are simply praising it because of its "topicality" and nothing else. Esquire magazine wrote that Get Out is the best movie about slavery. Seriously. I though this was a horror comedy? Reviewers should stop being pretentious as hell and just watch the movie. All the self importance and PC virtue signaling over this film is vomit inducing.And bring back the message boards!

Reviewed by julesfdelorme 9 / 10

Stay out from Get Out

Another blatantly anti-white movie from Hollywood that revels in hating on the USA. DO I really need to watch this movie to know it is about some poor young black man who gets hated on just because he is black by evil white people. Because white people are racists and racists are truly HORRIFYING. All the reviews are just gushing about this movie in order to virtue signal what great people they are and many are straight up self-hating whites. In reality, nothing like this ever happens this way but if you read about things like the Knoxville Horror or watch that torture video of the "Trump supporter" that was posted live you'll find out something similar DOES happen. When will we see a horror movie based on the Knoxville incident? Far scarier than this movie, that's for sure.

Reviewed by greenmemo 9 / 10

A deliciously wry slice of cinematic paranoia served with a side of cathartic humor

I was totally blown away by "Get Out". This is one of the best turns by an actor behind the camera I have ever seen (Jordan Peele). Probably the timely social commentary is going to loom heavily when discussing the film; however this shouldn't conceal the fact that this is a masterclass cinematic work that has been thought out to the very last detail; it knows what it wants to say and how to say it, balancing wildly contrasting tones and defeating potential clichés with stylistic bravura. Of course everything stems from a really solid script, where the plot points are cunningly engineered, and then fleshed out in a stern, disciplined and take no prisoners kind of way. There is much to admire and enjoy here, including some surreal imagery that is as stunning as it is disturbing, always serving a purpose within the narrative; there are also brilliant soundtrack choices and you get subtle nods at the masters that came before (Kubrick and Wes Craven, specially). The plot involves one of those frequently visited "fish out of the water" type of settings where it's up to the director to make the most out of it. Which fortunately is the case here, since you get plenty of real character development and a tight, innuendo ridden dialogue that really gets under your skin. All this, together with the inspired camera work, contributes to the success of this tricky enterprise as a whole. Kudos to all the actors for going all the way with the provocative premise, considering that it could have totally backfired in less confident hands. Everything amounts to a deliciously wry slice of cinematic paranoia served with a side of cathartic humor that appropriately reflects the political times we are living in. And make no mistake, this is a true horror film that refuses to pull any punches; if you thought that Peele was just going for the laughs and the cheap scares you will get more than you bargained for. "Get out" will shock you silly and will make you think. Then you will want to watch it again and try to figure out how he pulled the trick.

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