Frozen Fever


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Kristen Bell as Anna
Idina Menzel as Elsa
Josh Gad as Olaf
Jonathan Groff as Kristoff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

A wildly entertaining and cute short for all ages

I saw Cinderella with my family at the movie drive-ins the day after it was released and as a Frozen fan myself, I was actually excited for this when i saw the trailer for this movie on GMA. When i saw this before Cinderella, I really loved it personally and my family seemed to loved it too! My sister isn't fond of Frozen itself, but when she saw the short, she felt renewed and started loving the franchise with me. If you want to see a short and a movie that has princess and has really entertaining moments in it this spring, then both this short and Cinderella is the right pick for you. But if don't like/hate Frozen, then some of you might be redeemed to this or just enter the theater when Cinderella starts.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Beloved characters in their best form

Preceding "Cinderella" in its theatrical release is "Frozen Fever," a short film revolving around the characters from the hit Disney film "Frozen." The short involves Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and her friends Hans, Sven the moose, and Olaf the snowman (Josh Gad) preparing a surprise party for her younger sister Anna (Kristen Bell). Elsa, however, has a cold, where every sneeze produces several tiny little snowmen, sort of resembling Olaf, but she persists on, taking her sister through all of the little decorative zones she has set up for her before taking her to the final party. The short reinforces my believe that the "Frozen" characters are best in small doses, and I only wish now that instead of the "Frozen 2" we all knew was coming, we'd see these characters populate several, extremely fun shorts like this.

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Really Heartwarming & Charming Short

After 2 years of original movie ,Disney and the directors of Frozen make a short (which i like to call it Movie episode special video)to show as what happen after when Elsa learn to control her powers.I was really excited to see this short when it first come out ,even this short it was about Elsa tried to give Anna the best celebration for her Birthday ever. I was expecting to see the sequel of Frozen this year but what to end up it wasn't bad at all.So let's have a lookStory: Well is what i say earlier is about Elsa tried to give Anna the best celebration for her Birthday ever but something goes wrong and by the end everything is fine. As you probably know is Birthday Episode (sort of). The story is little weak because of the cliché (the main character tried he best to make it perfect but something goes wrong and it is in chaos but by the end everything is fine )Characters: All the Characters are the same except Elsa it has changed before it was the quite and far away character because it was afraid to hurt someone with her power and now is happy, it enjoy what he doing and it has really good relationship with her sister Anna. What a really love of this short is the relationship between with the sisters.Animation: The Animation is a little better of the movie(not much)for example the girls new dresses look really beautiful and the little tiny snowman'sSongs : The New Songs by Idina Menzel are really good but not as Awesome & Catchy as let it go & love is a open door ,but the new songs of this short they are really Good,Heartwarming and Catchy. My Favorite songs of this short is Touch of Ice.Overall this short is really Heartwarming ,Charming and really enjoyable to watch it ,is still on Theaters with the live-action remake Cinderella (2015) go ahead and watch you are not going to be disappointing especially if you are a fan,big or huge fan of the frozen movie.I like the short really much and i am clad to see it ,the strongest point of this short is the relationship between with the sisters. The Only problem i have of this short (is not so big problem for me) the story is a little weak because of the cliché of a Birthday Episode (you know the main character tried he best to make it perfect but something goes wrong and it is in chaos but by the end everything is fine)i give this short B+ 4/5 8/10 81/100 and 4 starsThanks you Disneyand as for the squeal of Frozen i am really excited to see it when it come out i want more of the relationship between with the sisters,what new adventures will come for are heroes and a new and a really good villain (because Prince Hans as a villain is awful)

Reviewed by n/a 9 / 10

Pure Perfection!

It's Anna's birthday and Elsa is determined to make it a "perfect day" in order to make up for all of the birthdays she's missed in the past. While she takes her sister on a treasure hunt for presents around town (bumping into some familiar faces), Kristoff is left in charge of guarding the decorations.All seems well, until Elsa's cold starts to cause havoc; let's just say that when a Snow Queen sneezes, there's a high chance that's she'll end up polluting the area with extremely hyperactive "snow babies". Will the day be ruined, or will Kristoff and Olaf manage to keep them in tow? "Frozen Fever" is colourful and fun, packed with stunning animation and humour to keep both children and adults intrigued. It offers numerous nods towards the original movie (including one "Let it Go" pun to make you giggle) and a catchy song that will surely stay in your head for days. Be warned "Frozen" fans: "Frozen Fever" may just get you even more hooked than you were before! A solid 10/10

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