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Anna Gunn as Naomi Bishop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ligonlaw 9 / 10

Back Stabbing, Dog eat Dog World with Women in it

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by jdesando 9 / 10

Learn about IPOs and be scared.

"Working Girl" with Melanie Griffith covered some of the same territory in 1988. That working class heroine broke into the nearly all-boys club by ousting the other woman on the floor. The Wall Street in "Equity" fast forwards a few decades and we find the offices filled with female executives. Anne Gunne plays Naomi Bishop, an ambitious, work-obsessed investment banker who loves money and power because her mother was poor and powerless. She lives among the rats in the rat race. She is smart but she is surrounded by opportunists, including her lover and her assistant.The story is about taking a Silicon Valley company, like Facebook, public. The initial public offering is a make-or-break event for Naomi's career. She is in the spotlight, because her last IPO failed and she was blamed for it.The script is flat. These Masters of the Universe talk endlessly about business, and they plot against each other. It is a joyless, amoral world of money, cocktails, limo rides and back stabbing. In "Working Girl," Tess had a moment of triumph when she, not her rival, became the super- rich investment banker rising from her outer borough origins. Here, Naomi is already rich, but her life in the skyscraper is unrewarding as she has no friends, only fellow money grubbers and she sleeps with a man who uses her for her insider information.In the end, the back stabbers change places, and new group of greedy bastards take the stage. Not a life-affirming message.

Reviewed by jdunham-84686 9 / 10

Great break-through film on women (and men) in Wall St

Makes arcana of Wall St. and IPOs completely understandable and you just slide into the drama of the plot. The drama is inherent in the high stakes game, nothing feels artificial and it is not over-acted. The characters' motivations we have all seem many times before: longing for love, success, money, and self-justifications for bad behavior. Those are here in new combinations. The women protagonists are wonderful, and definitely not just because they are beautiful. In Q&A after, Alysia Reiner says film shows how Wall St. really is, and we wanted to make the film real, but really it is all very tough, physically and emotionally, with all kinds of (exciting) pitfalls. Jeanne Moreau would have loved to play one of these roles, though probably the women are not bad enough for her. Of men, we expect it.

Reviewed by stevegirod 9 / 10

1st ever Wallstreet power drama about women but not preachy just real

Go See "Equity" Ms's Gunn, Reiner, & Thomas do great job of portraying 3 very different powerful & ambitious women on Wallstreet. Each at very different stages in their lives. It is a very realistic feeling and slick movie. Amazing how great it is considering its an Indi! Good pace. Unusual and unpredictable ending. It does not sink into a Hollywood feminist rant. It just really makes you think. A "Hat Trick" for Ms Reiner for co starring, co writing , and co producing. How does one do all of that with such excellence? No car chases or explosions but if you are into great realistic drama w very good scrips and no moral axes to grind go see this movie

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