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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by istara 9 / 10

Absolutely lovely, very funny film

Bridget Jones's Baby was consistently funny and also moving from start to finish. The audience at the showing I attended were laughing throughout.The plot is well known (from the title and movie poster if nothing else!) but essentially Bridget Jones has split from Mark Darcy some years ago. She's been single for a while and has a one-night stand with a very handsome American (Patrick Dempsey) who turns out to be a billionaire internet entrepreneur. A few days later she gets drunk and hooks up with Marc Darcy after a christening. A few weeks later she takes a pregnancy test, and then has no idea who the baby's father is. She declines an amniocentesis so spends the entire pregnancy with the two potential fathers fighting over both her and the baby.It's a very strong cast, Emma Thompson in particular is a wonderful addition as Bridget's obstetrician, as is Sarah Solemani who plays Bridget's friend and colleague, the TV presenter Miranda. The scenes at the TV station are very amusing.You know you're in for a 100% happy ending with a film like this, so you can really sit back and enjoy the ride. There's only one way the plot could really end, but it does very well to keep you guessing nonetheless.I have no idea why this movie only (as of writing this) only has an average review of 6.2. I can only imagine that the kinds of people who like to sneer at anything "feel good" or romantic simply spend their time trashing such films.To sum up: it's a very entertaining and enjoyable film. It would probably be best to see the first Bridget Jones film first (you could easily skip the second) or at least have read the book, but even if this is your first "Bridget Experience", you'll have a good time watching it.

Reviewed by Harun Karali 9 / 10


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by CineMuseFilms 9 / 10

still fighting her demons with intelligent hilarity and tugs on our heart-strings

Bridget Jones's Baby is the third installment in the Bridget Jones franchise and despite it's charms, it lacks the creativity and humor of the first film. Bridget Jones is a woman who is young at heart and is used to having a balance in her life. However her life turns upside down when she finds out she is with child. And to make matters worse, she has no idea who the child belongs to. Honestly, I've seen worse. Yet I'm sure it will be heavily criticized for it's clichés and bleak story. But at least it's genuinely entertaining. Which, sadly is more than you can say for a lot of comedies these days. There are worse ways to spend your afternoon, However if you are devoid of humor, Then by all means stay away. If not for anything else, go for Renée Zellweger, Just to see her reprise her role as Bridget Jones. She is glamorous, whimsical and as beautiful as ever.

Reviewed by D L 9 / 10

Bridget Jones Fades Away

Movie makers do not admit it publicly, but there have always been 'women's films' and 'men's films'. Historically, the film industry catered more to the male viewpoint by favouring action drama but in the post-feminist era the female perspective is prominent. The Bridget Jones franchise is part of the shifting cinema landscape where along with other sisterhood films like Absolutely Fabulous (2016), Maggie's Plan (2016) and Embrace (2016), women's uniqueness is celebrated while men are sidelined. Seeing Bridget still fighting her demons as a loveless and childless 43 year-old is an unlikely sounding plot line, but Renee Zellweger pulls it off with intelligent hilarity and ruthless tugs on heart-strings.The story premise lies in the film title: Bridget Jones' Baby. Now a successful television producer, Bridget is a lonely celibate still longing for her Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) who married someone else. Her inner-circle girl-talk is liberally peppered with phallic references and Bridget is told she needs to get laid to get real. At a camp-in music festival, which includes a hilarious cameo by Ed Sheeran, she ends up in the bed of a stranger called Jack (Patrick Dempsey). It is not long before she also ends up in Mr Darcy's bed, so of course when the pregnancy kit shows positive she doesn't know who is the dad. Muddle-headed before pregnancy, her antics while eating for two are borderline zany but always endearing. Bridget is torn between fantasy options: the romantic machismo and good humour of Jack versus the imperiously handsome Mr Darcy with eyes that make words redundant. Through it all, Bridget is still the lovable awky girl we met long ago, still stumbling through life like in a montage of slapstick sketches where her cute squinty smile wins every time.There are not many laugh-out-loud romantic comedies that have story lines funny enough to hold your attention for two hours. This one works because it has the twin propulsion of being both personality-driven and plot-driven, liberally splashed with grown-up gags and plot twists. There is a strong cast of well-known actors and the filming across various London locations is sumptuous. The over-thinkers might wonder if we will ever move beyond Jane Austen's "truth universally acknowledged" that a woman's destiny is in the arms of a wealthy man. But this is not feminism; it is pure entertainment that is delivered in spades, and you can expect to leave the show cheering that Bridget got her man.

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