Annabelle: Creation


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fritzlang 9 / 10

lots of fun

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Brandon Robinson 9 / 10

A spooky and faithful entry in Wan's 'Conjuring' universe

I first want to gloss over Ouija: Origin of Evil, as Annabelle: Creation is heavily inspired by that film. It's a 1960s R-rated horror prequel to a lackluster origin film starring Lulu Wilson based on possession & exorcism, ultimately tying in strongly with its predecessor. As I felt Origin of Evil had strong plot development, acting (though Wilson isn't the standout here that she was in O:OoE), cinematography, and overall eeriness, I could say most of the same things for Annabelle: Creation, though I find them all just a notch below.Given the time period that this film takes place, the technology that was present served this film very well in the throwback sense, either because it doesn't make the characters too idiotic to not rely on their technology more often, or it doesn't allow the supernatural to manipulate their technology too much to the point of ridiculousness. Even traditional items like a bell (similar to The Uninvited), a well (similar to The Ring), or a dumbwaiter (many horror films) work because of the particular time period that it's in and add to the atmosphere the film builds up. Several elements like this were heavily in play and made for a fun setting.Here's where I have a mixed bag of positive/negative, and it has to do with the direction. James Wan is clearly a heavy influence for David Sandberg (Lights Out), but part of me feels like Sandberg and crew watched Wan's Conjuring films, created a checklist, and tried their best to check all of those boxes. It makes for great horror, but part of it makes me feel like I've seen it all before. If Wan was directing, I think he would find a new way to shoot certain scenes and present certain items. Given the setting I was referring to before, I saw all of the foreshadowing coming into play a bit too easily. It's like it was all on-the-nose. You also can telegraph all of the jump scares. That doesn't mean they weren't still effective and that the film wasn't still scary on its own (trust me, there are plenty of non-jump-scare moments that are still very good), but I feel like I just saw a Wan copycat instead of Wan himself is all. I mean that's not a bad thing, because I considered Wan as the new master of horror before he decided to become an action director. Just food for thought is all.Now I will give Sandberg some credit. He played with out-of-focus scenery more than Wan had in the past, making us look in the dark areas or the background to see if something was lurking about. I also think he included more shock factor regarding when things can occur (daytime, early stages of the film) and how at-risk all of the children really were, making them all vulnerable to victimization by injury, possession, and/or death. I also think that without a star-studded adult cast it was a lot easier to give the child actors a lot of limelight, to the point that I knew all of them really quickly (in The Conjuring, I couldn't tell you a single one's name as they were more pawns for Wilson and Farmiga). Every so often he would let the camera cut away for the scary thing to appear/disappear/move and such, but then sometimes he would just say "screw it" and do it right in the shot just to mess with the audience, who was thoroughly engaged in this film from start to finish.The thing I think most people have to remember about this film, which I sometimes forget myself, is that Annabelle is just a doll... creepy looking, but just a doll nonetheless. She's not like Slappy or Chucky, where the doll is the soul in and of itself. The doll may act as a conduit for the demon however; we have known this since The Conjuring. However, this demon can also do it in its own form, or into a human, or anything else that it wants to... even more than one place at a time. Makes it kind of strange that Annabelle still remains the highlight of the film by the title, but these films are less about the doll and more about the entity, and that's fine with me. I just have to keep reminding myself that.I want to close by saying that these films (Conjuring 1 & 2, Annabelle & prequel, Ouija & prequel) remind me a lot of the Paranormal Activity film franchise: despite a different setting and finding new ways to try and scare the audience, the story largely remains the same. Big family in big house dealing with possession and finding a way to exorcise it. Personally, I dig them all, but they aren't reinventing the wheel, so don't assume this is a fresh new take on the genre. However, given that Annabelle was so poorly received, you had to assume that if they were making this film, they likely said: "Let's make sure that doesn't happen again, so what can we do differently?" They found it, and it's called Annabelle: Creation. Very good, though I've kind of seen it before. That's okay though, because it ain't broke. I just don't know how much longer it can last and still bring in myself and other audiences.

Reviewed by mikenontonmulu 9 / 10

The prequel to That Scary Doll in The Conjuring Series

Yes, this was another one of those really scary movies. I counted there were at least 3 very scary moments during the whole movie which ran for about 109 minutes (not too short like slasher horror movie). The rest of them were not scary but just having shocking effect. The movie was having all the usual effects of dark places in a large old house, with the occasional surprises every now and then. The sound effects were put to good use, especially the music during those scary moments in the climax, or even the silence in certain scenes.This time David F. Sandberg (director of another good horror movie Lights Out) was able to create the creepiness of an old house, with the scary Annabelle doll and combine them with the mystery surrounding the Mullins family. It was also very very cool of him to make references to the Conjuring 2 movie, plus of course the ending scene which you could only understand if you have watched Annabelle. I think David did a fantastic job of making sure this movie was up to the standard the other movies in the Conjuring universe have set previously. I also like the performance of the young Talitha Bateman as Janice and Lulu Wilson as Linda. Both of them did wonderful job of portraying their characters. There were also few funny moments usually involving Linda as she was the youngest and therefore was very playful. I think the stars of this movie were actually the two of them while the rest of the cast did not give too much impression to my opinion. As a supernatural horror movie, this one was worthwhile to see in the cinema to give more scary impact and of course to enjoy the dark surrounding and the good sound effects.If you are a fan of horror movies and especially if you want to see some continuity with The Conjuring series, then this is definitely a must see movie. But if you are one of those people who do not like supernatural horror movies, then it would be best if you avoid this one. By the way, the movie had 2 post credit scenes. So you can wait and see them by waiting till the very end. The last one was better to be seen not by yourself. For my complete review, pls have a look at

Reviewed by The Jellicle Kat 9 / 10

A horror flick full of jump scares

Much like Ouija: Origin of Evil from last year, Annabelle: Creation is actually a prequel instead of a sequel. As the title implies, the movie provides the origin story of how the possessed doll that eventually ends up in the hands of The Conjuring's paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren first came to be inhabited by an evil entity.Bottomline - Demonic doll torments little girls.

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