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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jessicagraham-1 9 / 10

Emily Ting is a director to watch!

This is a very sweet love letter to Hong Kong. Director Emily Ting does a great job of telling this simple, yet touching story of falling in love and the importance of timing. Stunning shots of Hong Kong (the 3rd star of the film!), and an awesome ending make Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong something special. I'm happy that I got the chance to catch Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong at the Flyway Film Festival in Wisconsin this year. Emily Ting has a lot of films under her belt as a producer, and this is her first feature as a director. I'm really looking forward to see what she does next!

Reviewed by Leem4004 9 / 10

Very promising

Indeed, even at their most digressive, the freewheeling conversations in the "Before" trilogy were always imbued with deeper tensions, of innocence vs. experience, desire vs. memory, the heart vs. the head. "It's Already Tomorrow" has a clearer narrative arc than any of those three films, yet the stakes feel comparatively featherweight. On the whole, these characters just seem like average people on an unusual date, and the film's hurried attempts to introduce real complications for them come across as a bit unearned.Ting nonetheless has a great feel for Hong Kong. Shooting almost entirely outdoors at night, she and d.p. Josh Silfen capture the city's washes of neon in crisp, warmly saturated tones, and she manages to keep the vibe intimate even when Ruby and Josh are trudging through gargantuan crowds. A two-minute Steadicam shot along the water and some deceptively simple staging on a jittery city bus both demonstrate sharp filmmaking instincts, and as long as the director's next project gives her more interesting characters with more interesting things to say, her skills could be put to great use.

Reviewed by Paddy-49 9 / 10

A truly awful film - bar the location

Possibly the worst movie ever made. I watched it on a fight and abandoned it frequently and yet returned. For two reasons. Firstly I thought that to comment upon, and warn people about, this excruciating film was a public service. Second to tip people off that the film contains some fine location shots of Hong Kong. Indeed this footage would be well worth putting together as a brief travel documentary. Ten minutes worth maximum. But the rest of the movie? OMG as they say.It is a two-hander. Until briefly at the end there are no characters with speaking parts bar the two about whom the "story" (such as it is ) is built. He a thirty-something American who has lived in Hong Kong for ten years and works in Finance. She a visiting (first visit) Chinese-American whose parents left the Territory before she was born and who is, unsurprisingly, almost 100% American, though her appearance is Asian. The interplay between the two is banal, boring, devoid of passion and has dialogue which sounds as if it was created by a badly-programmed computer. This bad dialogue is not helped by acting so wooden that far from coming to life the characters seem destined for an early and merciful death. If only ! We know from the start that the story is about the two falling for one another. RomCom territory. But not only does the acting and the script barely convey this but it seems that the direction couldn't get anything out of the actors and that the editor couldn't, or didn't, try.We simply don't care about these stilted, reserved, confused two people. If they fell off the Star Ferry we'd wave them goodbye without a conscience. I wanted to shout "Kiss the silly cow" or at least "Hold her bloody hand". But no. He is subsumed in embarrassment and she seems to be acting out a 1950s movie in which "Nice Girls Didn't". More Sandra Dee than Bruce Lee. The end is ambivalent which suggests that the perpetrators of this farrago might think that there is a follow-up film to be made. There isn't! The combination of woeful story line, dreadful script, atrocious acting and empty direction means that the movie should be ignored, even for those who love Hong Kong. Except that the location shots, for Hong Kong lovers, are excellent. A superficial, low budget pointless film and a risible attempt to use modern-day Hong Kong to light up even the most trite and trivial of stories. It doesn't !

Reviewed by subxerogravity 9 / 10

A nice romantic movie that makes you fall in love with Hong Kong

Two foreigners in a foreign land share an attraction that leads to a beautiful night in Hong Kong. One year later these two strangers meet again and share yet another beautiful night together in the city.What I most love about the film is how Hong Kong itself becomes the third character in the film as Ruby and Josh take a long walk around the city soaking up the culture and the nightlife. The film makes Hong Kong the place to be.It's a great romantic film about relationships as well. How two people can just make the type of connection that happens in one moment but can last forever.This could have went faulty if the acting was not up to par. A lot of the movie is looking at the scenery of Hong Kong while basically watching these two go on two very successful dates that involve a lot of talking (I've become aware that the two main actors are actually a couple in real life,so that definitely helps)A romantic movie done the way I like it. Less formulated than usual and very character driven.

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